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"He could pass for human better than any vampire in the room, but he was more a corpse than any of them."
Anita Blake[src]

Zombies are humans or animals raised from the dead by an animator, a vaudun practitioner, or a necromancer. Although they may appear human and have some of their memories at first, zombies quickly lose their memories and begin to rot. Zombies do not need to eat, but if fed meat, zombies will rot more slowly or not at all.

Although not supernaturally strong, zombies are able to use their entire strength without concern for exhaustion or damage. They typically obey their creator's orders absolutely. Zombies are able to operate in daylight, but prefer night, and will hide during the day if permitted.

If an animator's corpse is raised as a zombie, it will arise as a flesh-eating zombie -- uncontrollable, much faster than a normal zombie, and with a taste for human flesh. The zombie can only regain its memory and personality by eating human flesh.

In another instance, if the victim of a murder is risen as a zombie, the zombie will rise and then actively seek out its murderer. The zombie will then kill the murderer after attacking anything that has gotten in its way. Maximiliano believed this was because zombies, lacking souls or consciences, are unconflicted about the desire for vengeance which most Humans would be. Whether or not such a zombie is then capable of being questioned and controlled like other zombies is unclear.

A third way to get homicidal zombies appears to be by rising the corpse of a person who consumed human flesh during their life. In this case the zombie may come out of the ground more life-like than usual, but will deteriorate while their hunger grows, insatiable by normal food. Sending such zombie back to their grave may not allow them to lie back to rest, although it will trap them at least temporarily under the weight of the ground.

Unique Zombies[]

Vaudun priestess Dominga Salvador created two apparently novel types of zombies:

  • Salvador was capable of storing the soul of a dead person in a bottle, allowing her to raise zombies before their souls had passed on. By returning the soul to the zombie, Salvador created zombies with souls. This process prevented the zombies from rotting while they had souls, and served as further punishment for the deceased. Maximiliano learned the secret from her.
  • Salvador also created a sort of zombie chimera by animating parts of several humans and animals, then melding them into a single monstrous zombie.

Necromancer and Vargamor Nicky Baco created a zombie with attributes of both types of Salvador's zombies:

  • Baco fused together undead lycanthropes in Obsidian Butterfly with all their souls trapped inside the undead monster.  Anita used her necromancy along with the teachings of Obsidian Butterfly to release the souls and lay the zombie to rest.

The undead vampiric (and possibly god-like) Red Woman's Husband had the ability to raise and control dozens of skinless zombies. Anita was unable to tell they were zombies until she realized she had seen one of their souls pass on. 

When Anita Blake killed Marmee Noir,  Morte D'Amour gained some of her power and became a powerful necromancer.  

  • Morte D'Amour was able to raise and control hundreds of zombies almost instantly from the point of death, possess zombie bodies, grant them the powers of rotting vampires, and force them out into daylight. 


  • In Flirt, Anita raises the zombies in a cemetery without a circle of power. After killing Tony Bennington, the zombies seem to be inhabited by what Anita describes as shadows. Anita is forced to use more of her necromancy to lay the zombies to rest.