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Zeke is a werewolf who has spent so much time in his animal form that he can only turn his eyes back to fully human anymore. We meet him for the first time in Narcissus in Chains.


Zeke is usually seen in a wolfman form with blue human eyes, although he can presumably still change to a full wolf as well. He is well-spoken and intelligent.[1] His voice is deep and gravelly.[2]


Narcissus in Chains[]

Undefinable amount of time before this novel Chimera conquered Zeke's small pack of wolves that also included Jacob, Paris, and a few other surviving wolves that Chimera brings to St. Louis in this novel. After taking over Chimera forced Zeke into a wolfman form. When he was finally allowed to try to change back, all he could manage were his eyes, even if those are usually the first thing that gets stuck. Afterwards he has had no choice in employment beyond being Chimera's goon.[1] Zeke is among the group that tries to kill Anita and her people at Narcissus in Chains.[3]

Zeke serves Chimera out of necessity and has his trust, but tries to spare his victims pain and to speak for moderation when possible. When Zeke and Gina are sent to Anita with a message from Chimera Zeke seizes the opportunity to ask for Anita and her people's help to kill Chimera. Zeke claims he would do so himself, but can't gather necessary support from the other oppressed victims. Bacchus of the werehyenas supports Zeke's plan despite being among Chimera's victims, and expects the other hyenas will be willing to go along as well, but Bacchus can't promise they will be willing to spare all of Chimera's people. Zeke isn't among the people Bacchus himself sees as necessary deaths, though, and Zeke agrees with the list. He also reveal's Chimera's plan to overtake both the local wolf pack and Anita's pard. Zeke doesn't count his old pack members as his pack anymore and is willing to kill them to stop Chimera.[1]

Zeke takes Anita to Chimera under the guise of guarding her, but also carries her weapons. Anita has her doubts about Zeke's loyalty, but goes along with the plan.[4] Zeke and Bacchus are supposed to get Anita and Micah out before the fighting starts, but something goes wrong with the plan. They are all close to ending up dead before Anita steals Chimera's life force and sends the energy to everyone connected to her, helping them save the day. Zeke leads the other rebellious halfmen to the victory party.[5]


Zeke isn't mentioned by name in this novel, but we see a brief metaphysical glimpse of Gina and her boyfriend curled up with Crispin.[6] Later we hear that Gina has been knocked up by a wolfman who can't return to human form anymore.[7] Both of these presumably mean Zeke, although we don't get a confirmation that her relationship is indeed with Zeke, who is also the father of her child, until Kiss the Dead.[2]

Kiss the Dead[]

We see Zeke sitting at Anita's kitchen table with his son Chance in his lap and now-wife Gina setting the table. Chance has inherited his father's eyes, and looks completely human despite Zeke's condition. The happy family has been living with Anita's group for two months already because Chance hadn't coped well with living underneath the Circus of the Damned. They greet Anita when she comes home, and when the discussion turns into animal group leadership they reminiscence about Chimera. We learn that Zeke had been forced to spend weeks in (presumably full) animal form, thinking he might go mad, and then hoping he would become all animal and forget about ever being human. The topic brings down the mood for Zeke and Gina, and even Chance gets serious, but eventually they manage to lighten up the mood again and share a laugh.[2]

We also learn that Anita has taken up wearing less sexy clothes for visiting bathroom at night because Zeke's family is staying at the house. Micah suggests that they leave the small family to mind the house and oversee remodeling that would allow better suitability for housing various people who aren't all part of the same family or sharing a bed, and move Anita's group to the Circus for the meantime. Anita isn't sure what to say about the suggestion, but such decisions are left for later.[8]

Crimson Death[]

We don't see Zeke in person in this novel, but we learn that his small family spends more time in Anita's Jefferson County house these days than Anita does. They are expecting Anita's group to come over, and whenever that happens Nathaniel, Nicky, and Cynric cook for all of them. Nicky promises to call the house to let them know that the plans have changed since Anita is taking most of the group to Ireland.[9]


We don't see Zeke in person, but he is mentioned as one of the Circus' new star attractions as Professor Wolf. At some point Zeke started doing poetry as a form of therapy, and Gina then suggested he put some videos of his reading online. They became a big hit, after which he got a late-night show appearance, and by now he is a big sensation and has his own poster at the front of the Circus building.[10]


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