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"I now knew where I had seen him before. I had been at his funeral."
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Zachary was a animator in the employ of Nikolaos. After his death he came back as a unique type of undead being animated by a gris-gris charm, killing multiple vampires to keep himself alive.


Zachary had a thin, angular face with high cheekbones, neither good looking nor ugly. Zachary's sole goal was to stay alive. Initially he demonstrated a level of cocky showmanship, displaying his zombie witness with a flourish, but when faced with death, he crumbled, begging for his life. When he felt he had the upper hand, he was ruthless and took pleasure in killing those he had endangered his secret.[1]


Zachary was once an animator, but died under unrevealed circumstances. His funeral was attended by fellow animators out of professional courtesy, including Anita Blake. Zachary perhaps having prepared for his own demise, was raised from the dead in a state similar with that of a zombie, but possessed complete independence, maintaining his existence using a voodoo charm know as a gris-gris, which had to be supplied with the blood of vampires to sustain it's enchantment. When he awakened, the entire cemetery's supply of corpses were raised with him as ghouls, and these ghouls became obedient to Zachary's will.

Zachary was in the employ of Nikolaos, Master Vampire of St. Louis; it is unclear if he worked for her before his death, or had only taken the post afterwards. Nikolaos mistakenly believed him to still be a human, and continued to use him as an animator. This gave him insider knowledge on the identities and residences of St. Louis' most powerful vampires. Using his ghouls, Zachary began a string of murders within St. Louis' vampire population to feed his gris-gris. Before long he had slain ten vampires for his gris-gris, only four of which the police were aware of. His victims included two of the most powerful master vampires in St. Louis. He also sent his ghouls out on raids, killing the caretaker of a cemetery on one evening.

When Nikolaos found a witness to one of the murders, she had him captured and interrogated. The witness however, when left alone, hung himself out of fear. Nikolaos directed Zachary raise the man as a zombie for further questioning. While in charge of the interrogation Zachary took the opportunity to break the witness' mind, rendering him useless. After being manipulated into investigating the vampire murders Anita was present when Zachary brought the zombie to Nikolaos. Anita did not recognize Zachary, but deduced that the zombie had been broken. Nikolaos was enraged by this "mistake" forcing Zachary and Anita to flee her presence. Zachary was then assigned to be Anita's daytime contact to Nikolaos during her investigation, and provided her with a matchbook containing his phone number

Nikolaos began to suspect that Zachary was an incompetent animator and requested that he raise Estelle Hewitt, a women who died 1866, to prove his worth, well aware that most animators could not raise a copse more than a century dead. Nikolaos sent Theresa and a a small group of vampires to kill Zachary if he failed. As predicted the ritual failed, but before Theresa could kill Zachary, Anita arrived on the scene and assisted him in the ritual, with herself as a focus. Although Zachary's dead blood was useless, Anita's powers and blood were sufficient and Estelle was raised. Seeing Estelle dig herself out of the grave Anita remembered where she'd seen Zachary before. Spotting the gris-girs and recognizing it's significance, though not what kind of blood it needed, Anita discreetly made it clear she knew his true status by trying to touch the gris-gris. Zachary stopped her, knowing that human blood would break the spell and kill him. He quickly assured the angry Anita that the people he was feeding to the gris-gris were not ones who would be missed. Surrounded by vampires Anita was unable to quiz him further, and failed to make the connection to the vampire murders. Later that evening Zachary made Theresa his latest victim for his gris-girs, taking revenge on her for threatening him.

Fearing Anita knew the truth Zachary tried to kill her twice. First he sent one of Nikolaos' human servants to assassinate Anita, under the pretense that Nikolaos ordered her death. The assassin made his move while Anita and Ronnie Sims were visiting the Church of Eternal Life, incorrectly believing that the murder were linked to the Church. Anita killed him and suspected he was sent after her by the Church. The second time Zachary tricked Anita into coming to a cemetery. Anita however arrived along with Edward, another vampire hunter. Zachary used his ghouls to attack them. With the help of Edward, Anita escaped by starting a fire using the supplies of the cemetery's gardening shack and the matchbook, given to her by Zachary. She then made arrangements to give a statement so that in case she failed in killing Nikolaos, Zachary would pay for his crimes.

Nikolaos still unaware of Zachary's duplicity arranged for him to raise Phillip, as a zombie for her amusement. With the help of the wererats Anita and Edward entered the Circus of the Damned and begun killing Nikolaos vampires while they slept.They were interrupted and captured by Zachary and Burchard, then revealed the existence of Phillip as a zombie to her. During Anita's fight with Burchard for her life she revealed that Zachary was the vampire murderer. Enraged Nikolaos attacked him and tore out his throat. This gave Anita the opportunity to kill Burchard, and then Nikolaos. Anita destroyed the gris-gris before Zachary could heal from his injuries, killing him for good.[1]

Skills & Abilities[]

In life, Zachary was a powerful animator with exceptional skill at awakening zombies and returning them to the ground. After his resurrection, his abilities as an animator were reduced by his own undead state, though they were still powerful compared to most animators. He probably had some vaudun knowledge as he used a voodoo gris-gris.

He was also in command of a pack of at least twenty ghouls who could be made to follow simple orders and defend him.


  • Zachary wore a voodoo gris-gris, a rope band with beads and feathers woven into it. Fed by regular doses of vampire blood, it sustained his undead life, and prevented even the most lethal wounds from killing him, letting them heal within minutes.
  • His animator equipment included a long hunting knife with one jaded edge, and a pint jar full of off-white faintly luminous homemade ointment with glowing green flecks of greveyard mold in it.
  • Zachary also sometimes carries guns.