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"The thing in front of them didn't look much like a vampire. It looked like a skeleton with muscle and flesh stretched over a bone frame. It was stretched impossibly thin and tall. A sword rode its back, gleaming and wide as a scimitar."
Anita Blake[src]

Xavier was a fey vampire. He had white skin, white hair, and unique scarlet red eyes.

Xavier was a vampire pedophile, and was responsible for turning Andy and Jeff. Xavier fought with a greatsword made of cold iron and was able to use that sword to kill Rawhead and Bloody Bones. Jean-Claude was familiar enough with Xavier to identify him from Anita's description, and told Anita that the vampires concealed the existence of "exotic" vampires such as Xavier. (It is not clear whether Jean-Claude was referring to Xavier's fey blood, pedophile nature, or both). Xavier was ultimately killed when the Bloody Bones restaurant was burned. (Bloody Bones)

Powers & Abilities[]

Xavier was a master vampire with some unique powers. Some of the abilities displayed are:

  • Call Shadows. As a master vampire, Xavier, could call shadows, cloaking himself in darkness.
  • Mass Hypnosis. Xavier was able to control the minds of at least three people at the same time.
  • Enhanced Speed. Although all vampires are faster than humans, and use mind tricks to give the impression that they appear out of thin air, Xavier was extremely fast. Anita noted that "It ran like some of them flew."
  • Immunity to Silver & Lead. Because he was a fey vampire, Xavier was immune to silver, as a fey, and to lead as a vampire.
  • Master Swordsman. By combining his mastery of the sword with his incredible speed and mental powers, Xavier was a force to be reckoned with. His greatsword was made of cold iron, the only metal that could harm and kill other fey.
  • Rotting Vampire. He was a able to let his body rot and appear as a "skeleton with muscle and flesh stretched over a bone frame", and then sculpt his body form as necessary, such as to fit through a tight space.
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