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The werelions are one of a number of lycanthropes, humans inflicted with a supernatural virus which alows them to take on the power and appearance of a specific species of animal, in this case, lion.

Werelion culture is more violent than e.g. wereleopard culture, and male werelions especially tend to be brutal fighters. Male werelions only fight female werelions if attacked, though, or if they break pride law. In modern werelion culture females don't fight for dominance among themselves, but by ancient werelion laws only a lover of Rex is safe from challenges. According to Magda, once upon a time it used to be a custom for females to offer themselves to the Rex upon joining the pride, although there is no such custom in the modern culture.

In general, almost anything a natural version of the animal does has potential for being include in the corresponding wereanimal culture, and as such werelions can form coalitions to lead their pride. Nicky and Travis form such coalition, and Dev joins them later.


  • Heightened hearing, agility and endurance; they are significantly stronger and faster then normal humans.
  • While regular weapons can cause them injury, they will heal most wounds given time, but are still vulnerable to silver.

Notable Werelions[]

  • Haven - former bodyguard for Augustine, former Rex of the St. Louis Pride, and formerly one of Anita's lovers. (Deceased)
  • Jacob - Rex of a Pride with no territory of their own.
  • Nicky - Anita's Bride and a former member of Jacob's Pride. current Rex of the St. Louis Pride.
  • Magda - animal to call of Giacomo.

Known Prides[]

Werelion terminology[]

  • Pride - A group of werelions.
  • Rex - King of a pride.
  • Regina - Queen of a pride.