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St. Louis's wereleopards are substantially less numerous than its werewolf and wererat counterparts. A likely reason for this phenomenon is the low contagion characteristic of cat-based lycanthropy.

The social rituals of the leopard pard is more difficult to discern in comparison to the wolf pack. There could be many reasons for this difficulty. It is possible their smaller numbers or Gabriel's decision to reshape the pard members into submissive prostitutes warped their social structures beyond recognition. Another possibility is their introduction as a group occurred later in the series (Burnt Offerings) as opposed to the wolves and they have not been featured in as much detail as the wolf pack.

The principle social characteristic of the pard members is a need for physical contact as a source of emotional reassurance. Pard members frequently rub against one another and against Anita as if they were cats.

An interesting and notable characteristic in wereleopard terminology is the existence of three different titles for their leaders: Nimir-Raj, Nimir-Ra, leoparde lionne, leopard passant. The titles do not affect the functional, internal authority of the leader, but they do describe the type of leader currently in power.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Call Flesh. Heal members of the pard with energy from his own body through touch of his hands and mouth (Micah, rare).
  • Quick & Smooth Change from human to animal form and back, without needing to rest or collapsing (Micah, rare).
  • Share Power & Blood (Gabriel, rare).

Known Pards[]

Wereleopard Terminology[]

  • Lion passant - a term for an alpha wereleopard who may lead but does not give or offer active protection to the members of the pard.
  • Léoparde lionné - a term for an alpha wereleopard leader who protects the pard actively.
  • Nimir-Ra - the queen of a pard.
  • Nimir-Raj - the king of a pard.
  • Pard - a group or clan of wereleopards.