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Werehyenas are one of a number of lycanthropes, humans inflicted with a supernatural virus which allows them to take the the power and appearance of a specific species of animal, in this case, hyena.

The werehyenas along with the weretigers are matriarchal societies (led by a woman/queen), unlike most of the other lycanthrope societies which are patriarchal.

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • The ability to speak mind to mind among themselves.
  • Heightened hearing, agility and endurance; they are significantly stronger and faster then normal humans.
  • While regular weapons can cause them injury, they will heal most wounds given time, but are still vulnerable to silver and fire.
  • Transformation from human to animal form heals most injuries instantly, up to and including fresh loss of limbs unless the wound has been cauterized, but quick transformations use up a lot of energy and only the most powerful werehyenas can transform into an animal and back without immediately passing out in exhaustion afterwards and sleeping for several hours.
  • Werehyena jaws are stronger than most wereanimals', to the point that they can eat through the side of a Buick with one bite.
  • All female werehyenas do magic, and usually only have one, bipedal form, because they need their hands for more than fighting. They gain the ability to do magic with the change, once they learn to control their beast.[1]
  • Female werehyenas are monstrously bigger and more powerful than males in the beast form, making them natural leaders of the werehyena groups and individually stronger than most other wereanimals. Male werehyenas fear them for a good reason.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Most of the original werehyenas were brought to U.S. as slaves, sometimes because their own tribes feared them too much to even kill them, afraid that the power would just move on to another person. They were bound by magic but in time the spells to control them were forgotten or lost. They staged some very bloody rebellions and got put down for it, and eventually went underground to keep it from happening again. For a long time they killed any white women who got turned, and the clans were always run by women of color.[1]

Even today the traditionally run groups, which are the oldest and most successful, follow these principles. They try to keep a low profile and hide their powers from everyone to keep themselves safe. If a group doesn't think a female attack survivor can be trusted, she gets killed before coming to her full powers. Those deemed trustworthy get trained.[1]

Narcissus, with his very visible bondage club, massive clan, and history of killing any females who come to St. Louis, isn't thought well of by other werehyena leaders.[1]

Known Clans[edit | edit source]

Werehyena terminology[edit | edit source]

  • Oba - leader, usually a female.

References[edit | edit source]

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