Wanda is the paraplegic former girlfriend of millionare Harold Gaynor.


Anita Blake, along with Jean-Claude visit Wanda and ask her questions about Gaynor. Wanda initially refuses to talk, but Jean-Claude intimidates her into telling them that Gaynor, wheelchair-bound himself, prefers dating handicapped women. Wanda dated Gaynor until he met Cicely, a beautiful but sadistic deaf woman. Wanda is also able to tell Anita that Gaynor is obsessed with the idea of finding a historic "family treasure" and thus revenging himself on a family that he believes has abandoned him.

Wanda and Anita are later kidnapped and held prisoners at Gaynor's home, guarded by Gaynor's bodyguards Bruno and Tommy, Salvador's bodyguard herself, and a zombie chimera created by Salvador. Gaynor and Salvador inform Anita that they intend to force her to raise another relative of Gaynor's, and that Wanda will be the sacrifice. When Anita refuses to assist willingly, Salvador leaves her zombie chimera to guard Anita and Wanda and begins a spell to compel Anita to obey her orders.

After Anita kills Tommy and Cicely , she and Wanda attempt to escape, but on their way out, the compulsion spell begins, and Anita is forced to return to the cemetery near Gaynor's home. Anita figures out that the spell doesn't force her to do anything other than follow Salvador's specific commands, and therefore leaves Wanda, depriving Salvador of their intended sacrifice. Salvador sends her bodyguard Enzo to get Wanda, and forces Anita to begin the ritual that will raise Gaynor's ancestor.

Enzo and Bruno hold Wanda for the sacrifice, and Salvador commands Anita to "raise the dead." Anita follows that command literally, taking the offered machete and killing Enzo and Bruno instead of Wanda. This allows her to raise all the dead in the cemetery and kill both Salvador and Gaynor.

Although Gaynor was willing to kill her, Wanda pleads to Anita for his life but Anita does not listen to her. She is carried from the cemetery by Anita. Days later Wanda gets a job waiting tables in downtown St. Louis.