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Vittorio, also known as Father of the Day and Father of the Tigers or Day Father to Marmee Noir, is a millennia old vampire that was mentioned in passing in other books.

In Incubus Dreams Vittorio is presented as just another serial killer vampire, who goes after strippers and has left strings of bodies behind in several cities already. He kills many in St. Louis as well, and sets a trap to Anita and SWAT where they lose three people in a fight staged to appear as if Vittorio's kiss gets killed.

In Skin Trade it is revealed that he is far more powerful than he first seemed and he desires Anita, like so many other male characters, but he cannot have her due to the holy water damages he sustained and because she does not want him back. He has a ring that can control Jinns, and has the tiger as his animal to call.

He and Marmee Noir share a millennia-old history, where they ruled the world together as Mother of All Darkness and Father of the Day. They claimed they loved each other, but they both loved power more. Apparently, before becoming vampires, Marmee Noir could control the dead (as a necromancer) and Vittorio could control Jinns and the wind itself. They carried these powers over into their vampirism and Marmee noir said they used these powers to create armies of slaves. Vittorio had an army of Jinn and said Marmee noir had 'shambling hordes' or zombies. Vittorio was known as the Day Father and Father of the Tigers because he could call all weretigers and the golden tigers derived their powers from the sun and life itself and these powers could defeat vampires. Further, Vittorio was a daywalker (a power for which Marmee Noir always envied him), meaning that daylight and the powers of the golden weretigers could not hurt him . Marmee Noir feared that Vittorio's powers and those of the golden weretigers could kill her so she killed the last of the Yellow Clan's Queens in order to weaken Vittorio and then steal his powers (However; Marmee claims Vittorio would have struck the first blow had she not). Vittorio remarked the words that Marmee told him after she weakened him: 'If I were certain there was a hell, then I would kill you, so you could be tormented for eternity, but since I am not certain, I will leave you alive, to walk this earth, in your own private, powerless hell.' "

Nevertheless, Vittorio had slowly been regaining his powers over the years and with Marmee's awakening, he began to reclaim more and more of his powers. He found a ring that allowed him to better control the Jinn and began looking for more weretigers. He had time to do quite a bit of damage as well, including causing and feeding on the ardeur-fueled orgy inspired by Marmee Noir's past actions, where Anita is forced to have sex with Cynric, Domino, and Crispin (among other people). When Marmee's physical body was destroyed by bombs, Vittorio thinks her truly dead and absorbs some of his lost power. However, In Bullet it is revealed that although Vittorio believed Marmee Noir dead, she had actually sent her essence to the Vampire Council members. She also took his powers when he is killed by Anita.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Sourdre de Sang: Vittorio admits that at one point in history all vampires were descended from him and Marmee Noir.
  • Animal to call: As his name suggests, he can call and control weretigers. After Marmee Noir stole his powers he lost this ability, but as she began to fade in power he began regaining the ability to call tigers. After centuries of freedom, his weretiger, Sebastian, was compelled to come and search for his former master.
  • Daywalker: Another power that returned to him was the ability to walk in the day.
    • Vittorio can also cause other vampires to awaken early.
  • Mental Powers:
    • Enhanced Rolling / Mass Hypnosis: Although any vampire has the ability to roll (or entrance) one or more humans, Vittorio can control hundreds of humans, and roll the minds of vampires up to three hundred years old. In Incubus Dream he had control over a small kiss of vampires, which he had rolled to share his pathology. In Skin Trade he is able to take control of a large crowd of humans.
    • Psychic Projection: Vittorio can project his mind over immense distances, the same ability as possessed by the Mother of All Darkness.
    • Cloaking: He can hide his presence from powerful Masters of Cities. Neither Max nor Jean-Claude could detect him when he visited their cities.
    • Bride Creation: Vittorio evidently originated the ability to creation human and lycanthrope Brides. This is a rare ability and only shows up in the lines descended from the Father of the Day, including the Dragon's and Belle Morte's lines.
  • Elemental Control (Air/Wind):
    • Aerokinesis: Vittorio evidently had the power to control air and the wind as a mortal and carried this power over into vampirism.
    • Control of Jinns: As Jinn are creatures of air, Vittorio once had the power to conjure and control Jinn. He lost this power when Marmee Noir stripped him of his powers, but with the help of a magic ring he can control the creatures again. The jinn hate and fear him. He is to their race what the bogeyman is to humans.


  1. Bullet, chapter 34, Anita referencing Vittorio: "Do you know much about this whole Bride phenomenon?" / "I’ve seen it. It’s really rare. It only shows up in bloodlines descended from the Father of the Day, like Belle Morte or the Dragon."
  2. Skin Trade, chapter 68, Vittorio speaking to Anita: "Belle Morte's line has powers that neither she, nor I, possessed. Belle was something new. All the others descend from us, but her and the Dragon. She was never human to begin with, so she was always different from us."
  3. Skin Trade, chapter 67, the Father of the Day speaking with the Mother of the Night:
    • They spoke together. "No, necromancer, you will not go." "No, Anita, I can't let you go."
    • Shit.
    • "Does daylight not hold you prisoner?"
    • "You always did envy me that. You could never do it."
    • "As you could not raise the true dead."
    • "As you could not call the wind to your hand."
    • "We both had our armies of slaves, Day Father."
    • "You had your shambling hordes, and I had my army of jinn. I will have my army again, but you will not." His voice had gone low, and evil, somehow.
  4. Skin Trade, chapter 69, Anita discussing Vittorio with his former tiger to call:
    • "The Father of Tigers did it," the man on the floor said.
    • I stared at him as Victor said, "Who?"
    • "Vittorio," I said, "it's one of his old names. How do you know that title of his?"
    • "I was his tiger to call."
    • "Was?" I asked.
    • Victor just suddenly had a gun in his hand, pointed at the man. It was one of my guns.
    • "He called me from halfway across the world. I had to answer him. He was my master before, and when he regained enough power, I could not resist him." He seemed to be staring at nothing, but the look on his face said that whatever he was remembering wasn't anything good. "I thought I was free of him forever, but there's no escape, not if he wants you."
    • "He came into the hotel," Victor said. "He touched me, and I had to come here. I didn't even hear him come up to me. I heard nothing until he touched me, and then I just did what he wanted. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't ask for help. I couldn't say no to him."
    • "No, it's like you're his slave, or puppet. He can make you do such horrible things, and you can't stop."
    • "Who are you?" I asked.
    • "To him, I'm Hong, but to myself and for centuries, I've been Sebastian."
  5. Skin Trade, chapter 69, Anita Vittorio's Jinn with his former tiger to call:
    • I nodded. "Okay, now tell us about the creatures."
    • "They can be attached to or trapped in an object, and then they can be forced to do the bidding of a sorcerer or magician. That much of the stories is true," Sebastian said.
    • "Like his ring," I said.
    • "Exactly."
    • "If he lost the ring, would he lose control of the jinn?"
    • "Yes, until he is restored to full power. Once at his full strength, he can call them out of the air without magical aid. It is his gift."
    • "There was wind, and then they appeared," I said.
    • "They are a second kind of people, Anita, created from air, as we were created from earth. They are very powerful spirits, so powerful that King Solomon destroyed them as a people and made them slaves to his bidding, and they were reduced to servants, or only spirits, whose greatest abilities lie in whispering evil in our ears to manipulate us."
    • "King Solomon had a seal made that he used to imprison most of their race, or something, right?" I said.
    • He nodded. "Yes. Some stories say that he used them to build his great temples."
    • "If we can get the ring from him, then will the jinn turn and kill him?"
    • "They might, or they may simply flee. He is to their race what the bogeyman is to yours."