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Soul Werelions or Spirit Lions are unique and rare types of creatures.

Like so many lycanthropes or Anthropomorph. Werelions are so called because of the term were, which means half human and lion for the species of animal in which it is similar to.

Unlike Werewolves the Werelion is a creature of the bright day. This means that they are docile at night, but dangerous under a sunny day.

Werelions are very prideful, honorable, trust worthy and easilly proviked.

One species of were lion the Arosanocian. They are the rarest of all licanthropies because they have three forms;

Day form "Daymare" they will look like ordinary werelions but they instead have this beautiful golden fur that reflects the sun rays.

Night form "Nightmare" when under the full moon their fur becomes as white as snow, but when under the New Moon their fur becomes as black as a cloudy night.

Only one Arosanocian can be born once every Hundread years or so, and they are also they only kind of werelion that are imortals.


Invulnerability: They are usually unaffected by magic but can still be harmed by ordinary things such as normal weapons and poison.

Rapid Healing: Due to their massive healing ability they tend to ignore small cuts and bone fractures.

Stone heard fur and skin: They are naturally hardy.

Heightened senses: Their senses are ten times stronger and more efficient than ordinary humans.

Powerful aura: They have an aura called resonance aura. This aura is an aura that marks the territory of a werelion. It stretches from 50 meters to 5 kilometers. If an intruder enters this area the werelion will automatically know this, but if another magical creature enters or mearly touches this area they will be overwhelmed and know that this is its territory.


Werelions are mostly solitary.

But when they are in love they will become bonded with each other and have what we call eternal love.


Primo: This means primary, a male werelion

Lady: a male were lion.


Male: They are ranked by the color of their pelts and cent.

The darker the pelt the stronger they are, and the stronger the smell the stronger the skills.

Female: Ranked by their human form for beauty, and ranked by their claws for their power.

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