Mission[edit | edit source]

As the only active admin of this wikia I try to keep it active by making at least one update every day, but as a very, very busy person that update is usually something very minor. I just don't have enough free time to read through whole books and formulate in-depth analysis of the major storylines and character archs lately, more's the pity.

Luckily, this is wikia, so if you do have any time and inclination you are hereby officially invited to join our contributor ranks! Tiny updates, large updates, they are all welcome as long as they are based on the actual source material :) Before I took over this wikia was mostly inactive for quite a while, so we have a whole lot of ground to cover.

Formatting can be a pain if you aren't used to editing wikias (I certainly wasn't when I started, and still wouldn't call myself an expert), so the preview is your friend. Often it pays to check how something is done in an existing article and copy the structure, even if it's not as fancy as one might hope.

Edit 06-2018: I'm dreadfully busy right now and haven't been able to do even my daily tweaks more than on occasion for a while. Thankfully other people have picked up the slack (special shout out to KylaraE!), and I hope my schedule will ease up next month.

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