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Travis is a young werelion who is a part of the St. Louis Pride. Travis is blonde, has pale brown, and is a business major. We meet him for the first time in Danse Macabre.


In Danse Macabre Travis, along with Noel, is chosen by their Rex as pommes de sang for Anita's ardeur, although Anita never uses Travis to that purpose.

Travis is one of the male werelions that survives Haven taking control of the pride after Joseph, the previous Rex, runs away along with his Regina and brother. This is mostly because Travis is a submissive lion and is not perceived as a threat.

In Bullet, when Anita meets with an enraged Haven, he brings with him Noel and Travis. The two have been severely beaten and Noel is close to death. Badly injured Travis pleads to Anita to save his friend, and takes part in the orgy Anita accidentally provokes trying to heal Noel. Travis is also healed in the process, and it is revealed that he received his wounds trying to protect Noel.

Anita believes that Travis might one day become a alpha werelion and wants to order him to start training sessions.

In Dead Ice Travis and Magda share Anita's bed in order to help her heal.

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Powers & Abilities[]

Travis is a werelion. As such he is far more powerful than a human, and has most powers associated with lycanthropes, including enhanced speed, strength, agility and the ability rapidly heal from an injury. Because he is a non-dominant male, Travis does not have a hybrid form. His lion form has golden-brown curls with a darker mane.