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This is a timeline of events that take place in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. Since the series is not set in a specific year, Guilty Pleasures is year 0, and the timeline counts from there to either direction.

The references of time novel-to-novel (measured in weeks/months) and the references to years within the story begin to contradict each other around the events of Micah. Anita's age also no longer corresponds with the passage of time beginning in Incubus Dreams. See the inconsistencies section below for more information.


year novels and short stories other notable events

Early years[]

-26 Richard is born
-24 Anita is born
-16 - -19 Manny gives up vaudun [1]
-16 Summer Anita's mother dies[2]
-15 - -16 Grandmother Blake raises Anita for a year after her mother dies.[3][4]
-14 Anita's father marries Judith.[5][6][7][4]
-10 - -11 Anita accidentally raises her pet dog

Anita is sent to Grandmother Flores

Zerbrowski marries Katie

-4 Bert and Manny found Animators, Inc.
-3 Addison v. Clark[8]

Gaia's law

Anita graduates

Anita joins Animators, Inc.

Anita meets Ronnie

Anita meets Edward

Anita helps to destroy a pack of vampires who killed Beverly Chin's family

-2 Selling Houses (short) [1]

The First Death (comics)

Anita becomes preternatural expert for R.P.I.T.[9]

Anita meets Jean-Claude

Manny retires from vampire hunting after 4 months in hospital


Year 0[]

0 Jan
Apr Animators, Inc. moves to new offices[10]
Jul Guilty Pleasures [11][12] Nikolaos dies; Jean-Claude becomes Master of the City

Anita receives the First and Second Marks.

Aug The Laughing Corpse[13] Anita meets (and later kills) vaundun priestess Dominga Salvador

Anita initiates her first human sacrifice (and mass cemetery raising) and becomes a necromancer

Sep Pioneer program started: vampire counselors provided for the freshly risen

John Burke joins Animators, Inc.[1]

Oct Circus of the Damned[14] Larry joins Animators, Inc.

Anita meets and starts dating Richard

Anita receives all 4 Marks from Alejandro (nullifies Jean-Claude's Marks); Anita kills Alejandro

Dec The Lunatic Cafe[15][16] Anita finds out Richard is an alpha involved in a war of succession for leadership of the his pack

Anita meets Rafael, Raina and Gabriel for the first time

Year 1[]

1 Jan
Feb Senator Brewster's daughter is killed by a vampire
Mar Bloody Bones[17] Vampire executioners are officially licensed.[18]
May The Killing Dance[19] Anita and Jean-Claude meet with Sabin (rotting as a results of abstaining from blood) and his human servant, another necromancer, Dominic who are in a triumvirate with wolf Cassandra

Anita has accepted being Jean-Claude's "declared vampire servant" at the beginning of the book.

Anita and Richard form a vampire triumvirate with Jean-Claude, accepting the first three "marks". In addition, Jean-Claude and Richard announce that they are allies within the supernatural community. Taken together, these changes make it impossible for Anita to completely separate her life from Jean-Claude or Richard.

Anita kills the werewolf lupa Raina and the wereleopard leader Gabriel in self-defense, resolving some unsettled conflicts from The Lunatic Cafe.

Richard becomes the Ulfric of his pack

Anita and Jean-Claude become lovers

Larry graduates

Jul Burnt Offerings [20] Anita takes up mantle as Nimir-Ra

The Vampire Council (of Europe) comes to visit - The Traveler and Padma, Master of Beasts

Anita meets Asher

Aug Blue Moon[21]
  • Anita acquires a magical mentor, the Wiccan Marianne. (Marianne is not a lycanthrope but works with the local werewolf pack in Tennessee).
  • Marianne and her pack's Ulfric, Verne, begin teaching Anita how to be a better leader of the wereleopards.
  • Anita's faith in God, and herself as a Christian, is reaffirmed when she faces down a demon with prayer and Bible recitation.
  • Anita and Richard become lovers
  • We learn Damian is showing signs of being Anita's vampire servant and that Jean-Claude gains power from sex. The latter frightens Anita enough that she demands a break from both Jean-Claude and Richard; Marianne helps her to temporarily close off her metaphysical "marks" to them.
Dec "The Girl who was Infatuated with Death"

Year 2[]

2 Jan
May Obsidian Butterfly[22]
  • Anita meets Donna, Peter and Becca; (Ted Forester) Edward's family
  • Donna's children are kidnapped and abused. Becca's hand is broken, and 14-year-old Peter is raped.
  • Anita acquires a new power from the vampire Obsidian Butterfly, the first instance of her picking up a power from a vampire. She is able to feed on the live energy of a person
Jun Narcissus in Chains[23]
  • Anita is accidentally, but gravely injured by Gregory and develops secondary signs of lycanthropy.
  • Anita develops the ardeur, a rare power seen only in vampires of Belle Morte's bloodline, after Jean-Claude used it to "feed" through her. Although this power allows Anita to draw energy from lust, it also requires her to have intercourse multiple times per day, at least in its early days.
  • In Anita's absence, Damian, her vampire servant, has become a feral vampire.
  • Richard has attempted to substitute democracy for the strictly hierarchical nature of the local werewolf pack. Jacob, a new werewolf in town, seeks to take advantage of this chaos by planning to kill first Sylvie, then Richard. The eventual split would probably destroy the pack.
  • A new alpha wereleopard, Micah has arrived with his pard of wereleopards, and seeks to merge groups with Anita and become her Nimir-Raj and mate.
  • Micah and Anita have sex within hours of meeting each other because of the unexpected appearance of the ardeur
  • Anita becomes Lupa of the Thronnos Rokke Clan (again after initially being voted out by the machinations of Jacob), but also becomes its Bolverk.
Sep Cerulean Sins[24] Anita becomes a U.S. Marshal

Anita and Asher become lovers

Somnolent Marmee Noir "notices" Anita

Oct Incubus Dreams[25][26] Anita accepts Nathaniel as the fourth of her concurrent lovers, and she and Richard also agree to renew their relationship.

Anita inadvertently marked Nathaniel as her animal servant, forming a triumvirate between Anita, Nathaniel, and Damian.

Nov Micah[27]

Danse Macabre[28]

  • Anita wrestles with her increase in powers, and her attempt to raise a single person threatens to raise every corpse in the cemetery.
  • A blood test reveals that Anita carries four strains of lycanthropy: wolf, leopard, lion, and one unknown strain. However, she is not a lycanthrope despite being a carrier.

  • Anita has a pregnancy scare.
  • Anita meets pomme de sang candidates brought by Augustine and Samuel.
  • Anita and Jean-Claude feed on Augustine, the master of the city of Chicago. They draw substantial power for their people, and Asher gains an animal to call.
  • The vampire ballet performs in St. Louis, and Merlin nearly rolls all the vampires in the audience.
  • On accident, Asher nearly kills Anita during sex.
Dec The Harlequin[29]
  • Edward brings Olaf and Peter to help Anita fight.
  • Anita keeps everyone alive by feeding on Rafael (and through him, all the wererats in the city); Belle Morte; and later, all the swanmanes in the US via Donovan.
  • Anita breaks up with Richard again.
  • Malcom blood-oaths to Anita and Jean-Claude, and with him all the members of the Church of Eternal Life.
  • Anita is infected with weretiger lycanthropy.

Year 3[]

3 June Blood Noir [30]
  • Jason's hometown and family are revealed, and J. J. is introduced.
  • Marmee Noire rolls Anita for two days, causing her to have sex with two weretigers: Crispin, a 21-year-old white tiger who becomes her tiger to call, and Alex Pinn, son of the queen from the red-tiger-clan.
  • Jason becomes Anita's wolf to call.
  • Anita gains the ability to feed on anger, and first uses it on Richard.
  • Richard is released from the anger he inherited from Anita, but inherits his own version of the Ardeur instead.
August Skin Trade [31]
  • Marmie Noir supposedly meets her end in this book through a bomb that blows up her physical form.
  • Vittorio reappears in Las Vegas, and is more old and powerful then previously thought. He tries to make Anita his human servant.
  • Requiem has requested Jean-Claude move him to another town where he will be away from Anita and maybe be second-in-command.
  • Anita meets Cannibal, another 'living' vampire who is a member of the Vegas SWAT team. He feeds on the memories of people he touches.
  • Olaf hints that he would be willing to try to have a 'normal' romance with Anita.
  • Anita meets Cynric and Domino, who become her blue and black tigers to call.
late summer Flirt [1]
  • Anita meets and feeds the ardeur on Nicky, making him her "bride" to protect herself.
  • Anita raises a whole cemetery with a human sacrifice.

Year 4[]

4 July Bullet[32]
  • Anita, Richard, Jean-Claude, and Asher have the BDSM scene.
  • Anita kills Haven, and the werelion pride is left without a Rex.
  • Anita feeds on Shang-Da and Jamil's lifeforces to save Richard after an assassination attempt.
  • Jean-Claude and Anita becomes Master of Tigers.
Aug Hit List[33][34]
  • Anita meets and bonds with Ethan, a weretiger with four colors.
  • Preternatural US Marshals can now deputize anyone they deem necessary to execute a warrant.
  • Anita defeats Marmee Noir.
  • Olaf is infected with werelion lycanthropy.

Year 5[]

5 May Kiss the Dead [35]
  • Vampires who want to be free of a master and who are against a vampire council in America attempt to kill Anita, and one takes Nathaniel hostage.
  • Asher injures Cynric and Anita, and Jean-Claude decides to send him away.
  • The police learn more about Anita's personal life and her psychic connection to her lovers when she uses the powers in front of them during the hostage situation.
Aug "Dancing" Micah and Nathaniel go to a cookout with Anita and her cop firends
Nov / Dec Affliction [36]
  • Micah's family in Colorado is introduced.
  • Anita defeats Morte D'Amour, who had taken some of Marmee Noir's necromancy power.
  • Micah asks Anita and Nathaniel to marry him, and Jean-Claude asks Anita to marry him, leading to planning a commitment ceremony with the four of them.
  • Edward helps with the case, and he asks Anita to be his best man in his wedding to Donna.
  • Anita is infected with werehyena lycanthropy.
5 / 6 Jason [1]
  • Anita and Nathaniel join Jason and J. J. in bed to demonstrate rough sex to J. J. Then the four of them join Jade and Domino in bed so J. J. can help Anita with Jade.
  • Anita resolves to set some boundaries with Jade.

Year 6[]

6 May Dead Ice [37]

Wounded [38]

  • The FBI bring a case to Anita involving zombie porn.
  • The tigers press to include on of them in the commitment ceremony to fulfill a prophecy.
  • Manny's daughter Connie gets married. Anita, Nathaniel, Micah, and Jean-Claude attend.
July Crimson Death [39]
  • Edward calls Anita to work a case in Ireland.
  • Anita, Nathaniel, and Damian repair their triumvirate.
  • Anita and the triumvirate kill Damian's creator Moroven.
  • The weretiger prophecy is fulfilled with Domino's death.
  • Anita makes Rodina, Ru and Rodrigo her Brides.
  • Anita is infected with wererat lycantrophy.
  • Edward's wedding is taking place on an island, where Micah's working to help some snake shifters.
  • Nathaniel is angry, that their relationship is changing and flirts many girls. Anita is jealous.
  • Missing girls lead the police to Anita's men as suspects for murder.
  • We see Olaf for the first time, after two years of being a werelion.
Sucker Punch[1][41]
  • Anita travels to Michigan to consult Marshal Newman in a confusing murder case.
  • Olaf turns up so Anita calls for backup.
  • Anita kisses Olaf.
  • Edward gets Anita's blood on his wound.
6 / 7 Rafael [1]
  • Rafael has a challenge fight against Hector, Padma's new rat to call.
  • Anita makes Rafael her rat to call.
  • Anita visits the rodere's seat of power for the first time to witness the fight.
  • Padma and Hector die.
  • Anita gains a rat companion.


Pre-series (probably non-canon) Those Who Seek Forgiveness (short)[1]
5 / 6 (probably non-canon) "Shutdown" [1][42] Richard asks Anita and Micah to talk to his fiancé about their relationship. Note: Possibly set in some unspecified time after Affliction.
2016 Nov A Girl, a Goat, and a Zombie (eShort) [42]


Time between Obsidian Butterfly and The Harlequin[]

There is a notable inconsistency in the time reference between Obsidian Butterfly and The Harlequin. When referencing time novel-to-novel, it's just seven months between the events of the two novels. But in The Harlequin, the events of Obsidian Butterfly are stated to be a year and a half earlier.

Time references novel-to-novel showing only a seven month difference:

  • Obsidian Butterfly takes place in May.[22]
  • Narcissus in Chains takes place within a month of Obsidian Butterfly, as stated in Narcissus in Chains chapter 10: "You almost died in New Mexico less than a month ago."
  • Cerulean Sins takes place a few months after Narcissus in Chains, as stated in Cerulean Sins chapter 11: "I'd done my best to forget what happened when Belle Morte caused the ardeur to rise months ago. Thanks to her, I’d participated in the closest thing I hoped to ever get to an orgy." Narcissus in Chains takes place in June, and Cerulean Sins takes place in September, so the events of these novels are three months apart. Obsidian Butterfly happened four months prior.
  • Incubus Dreams is just a month after Cerulean Sins. In Cerulean Sins, Tammy is three months pregnant,[43] and Incubus Dreams opens with her being four months pregnant. Cerulean Sins takes place in September, and Incubus Dreams takes place in October, so the events of these novels are one month apart. Obsidian Butterfly happened five months prior.
  • Micah takes place the following month. Tammy is five months pregnant,[44] and it's November. Obsidian Butterfly happened six months prior.
  • Danse Macabre also takes place in November, referencing several recent sexual encounters in Incubus Dreams that might attribute to Anita's possible pregnancy. Obsidian Butterfly happened six months prior.
  • The Harlequin takes place in December, and references several events in Danse Macabre as being one month before. The Harlequin, chapter 10: "I had a serious pregnancy scare last month." Obsidian Butterfly happened seven months prior.

By these references, it's just seven months between Obsidian Butterfly and The Harlequin.

But then Obsidian Butterfly is stated to be 1.5 years earlier:

  • Micah, chapter 02: "You worked a serial killer case in New Mexico about two years ago."
  • The Harlequin, chapter 10: "Oh, so not two years since I saw him (Peter) but more like a year and a half."

Although the time between The Harlequin and Obsidian Butterfly is notably inconsistent, the time between The Harlequin and Narcissus in Chains, which takes place the month after Obsidian Butterfly, is more accurately represented in The Harlequin. Nathaniel and Anita both say it's been seven months since the events of Narcissus in Chains (June) when the they and Micah started living together,[45][46] although it's been closer to six months.

This inconsistency with Obsidian Butterfly taking place much earlier in the timeline is brought up again in Affliction. The events of Narcissus in Chains (when Nathaniel, Micah, and Anita started living together) are referred to as happening three years earlier, while the events of Obsidian Butterfly (regarding Van Cleef and his men) are referred to happening four years earlier, although the events should have been only a month apart and should have both happened about three and a half years earlier.

Anita's age[]

Anita's age becomes inconsistent after the first ten novels.

The first ten novels are consistent regarding Anita's age, and her aging corresponds with the passage of time. In the first four novels, which take place between July and December, Anita is stated to be 24 years old.[47][48][49][50] In the tenth novel Narcissus in Chains, which takes place two years later in June, Anita is stated to be 26 years old,[51] which is consistent. This places her birthday prior to June, which is confirmed in Narcissus in Chains when she states that she had "turned twenty-six early in the year."[51]

In Incubus Dreams, which takes place in October four months after Narcissus in Chains and two years after the start of the series, Anita indicates that she's about 27 years old.[52] In Danse Macabre, which takes place a month later in November, she is stated to be 27.[53] But based on her stated age in the first four novels, she should be 26 during this time. Additionally, in Narcissus in Chains, Anita states that she had "turned twenty-six early in the year,"[51] placing her birthday for the year before June; so she could not have aged up from 26 to 27 between Narcissus in Chains (June) and Incubus Dreams (October) or Danse Macabre (November), since she'd already had her birthday that year.

In Hit List, which takes place less than two years after Danse Macabre, Anita is stated to be 30 years old.[54] But even if she were 27 in Danse Macabre, she wouldn't be older than 29 at this time. Based on her age in the first ten novels, she should be 28 at this time.

In Kiss the Dead, which takes place in the year following Hit List, Anita is stated to still be 30 years old.[55] Based on her age in the first ten novels, she shouldn't be older than 29 at this time; she should probably be 28 based on her birthday being "early in the year" as stated in Narcissus in Chains. In Affliction, which takes place five or more months later, Anita is stated to be 30 years old,[56] but based on her age in the first ten novels, she should be 29.

Anita is stated to be 30 years old in four novels: Hit List, which takes place in August; Kiss the Dead, which takes place the following year in May; Affliction, which takes place at least five months after Kiss the Dead, so October or later; and Jason,[57] which takes place within a few months of Affliction. This is more than a year of her being 30 years old, so even if Anita is 30 (and not 28) in Hit List, she should have aged up by one of the later novels. This is possibly an attempt to correct some of the previous inconsistencies with her age, since it brings her age closer to what it should be.

In Dead Ice, there is a discrepancy with Anita's age; in two chapters, she is stated to be 30 years old,[58] and in four chapters, she is stated to be 31 years old.[59] Based on her age in the first ten novels, she should be 30.

In Serpentine, Anita says that she's "over thirty."[60] Based on her age in the first ten novels, she should be 30.

In Sucker Punch, Anita says twice that she's thirty two.[61][62] This doesn't really fit with Marshal Newman having been a marshal for barely two years[63] (since shortly before Hit List[64]) or Affliction having occurred last year[65], but would fit if Dead Ice had been last year and the chapters where Anita is said to be 31 happened to be correct. The book doesn't mention anything concrete about seasons, but the focus on how dark it is at night could indicate that the events occur during a fall. That would fit better with the Affliction than Dead Ice version.

In Rafael, Anita says that both she and Micah are over thirty.[66]

Novel Year Month Anita's stated age Accurate age
Guilty Pleasures Year 0 Jul 24[47] -
The Laughing Corpse Year 0 Aug 24[48] -
Circus of the Damned Year 0 Oct 24[49] -
The Lunatic Cafe Year 0 Dec 24[50] -
Narcissus in Chains Year 2 Jun 26[51] -
Incubus Dreams Year 2 Oct 27[52] 26
Danse Macabre Year 2 Nov 27[53] 26
Hit List Year 4 Aug 30[54] 28
Kiss the Dead Year 5 May 30[55] 29
Affliction Year 5 Nov/Dec 30[56] 29
Jason Year 6 30[57] 29 or 30
Dead Ice Year 6 May 30[58] / 31[59] 30
Serpentine Year 6 30+[60] 30
Sucker Punch Year 6 32[60] 30
Rafael Year 7 30+[66] 30 or 31

The years after Anita's mother died[]

In Circus of the Damned Anita was eight when her mother died, and her dad and Judith married when Anita was ten.[5] The Killing Dance again mentions the marriage was two years after Anita's mother died.[6], as does Obsidian Butterfly[7] In Blood Noir Anita claims Grandmother Blake took care of her for two years, until her dad met Judith, which would mean they got married pretty fast after meeting.[67] However, in Flirt Anita claims she was only raised by Grandmother Blake for about a year.[3] It seems likely that this is meant to correct Blood Noir's claim in order to give Anita's dad and Judith a bit longer courting period. Fast marriages do happen, but it's not an unreasonable idea that a widow and a widower[68] who both have a pre-teen daughter of their own might take things a bit more slowly.

Addison v. Clark[]

There is some inconsistency on when Addison v. Clark happened, in either year -2 or -3. This inconsistency begins in Burnt Offerings.

Guilty Pleasures, Bloody Bones, and The Killing Dance place the court case in year -2.[69][70][71] Burnt Offerings and Cerulean Sins place the court case in year -3.[72][73] Notably, Guilty Pleasures and Burnt Offerings both take place in July, one year apart; in Guilty Pleasures, Anita claims the court case happened two years prior,[69] while in Burnt Offerings, she claims the court case happened four years prior.[72]

In Dead Ice, Anita claims to have been in her senior year in college at the time of Addison v. Clark,[74] and she graduated at about age 21.[75] Anita is 24 in Guilty Pleasures (July year 0),[47] and her birthday is stated to be "early in the year" in Narcissus in Chains. If Anita graduated in May as Larry does, then she graduated in year -3 at the age of 21. Her senior year in college would be from year -4 to -3, indicating that Addison v. Clark took place in year -3.


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    "Just turned thirty."
    I blinked at him. "I'm older than she is. I wouldn't have called that."
    "Me either," Kaitlin said. "I thought you were my age."
    "How old are you?"
    "I smiled and shook my head. "I've got you by seven years."
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