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"We are the Thronnos Rokke, the Throne Rock people, and we are no one's pawns."
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The Thronnos Rokke Clan (translated as Rock Throne Clan) is the St. Louis werewolf pack in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. Richard Zeeman eventually becomes Ulfric (leader) of the pack, and Anita Blake becomes Lupa (Ulfric's female mate) and Bolverk.

It is the largest lycanthrope group in St. Louis at the beginning of the series, although werehyenas bypass them later on.


Although never specified the clan is very old, numerous Ulfric's having sat on the rock throne. The clan was ruled by Marcus and his Lupa, Raina, until the event of The Killing Dance. The two ruled the pack with an iron hand. Raina would punish the werewolves by putting them in pornographic movies, or use Gabriel's leopards to rape or harm them. Marcus tried to form a coalition of the different animal groups within St. Louis with himself as the lead, in order to surpass vampires in power hierarchy, but the other leaders weren't willing to bow down to him.

Wishing for change, Richard started rising in rank until he became Geri and declared himself Fenrir. Richard defeated Marcus twice but refused to kill him. Before the third battle was supposed to take place, Marcus and Raina hired hitmen to kill Anita in an ettempt to weaken Richard. After the plan failed, Richard finally killed Marcus and became the new Ulfric. The next day Anita killed Raina. (The Killing Dance)

Now Ulfric, Richard stopped the use of the oubliett and asking money from the pack, as Marcus had done. He also took the pack from a monarchy where his word was law, to a democracy where the majority rules. When Richard saw that the pack was weakened because of this, he decided to make the pack a monarchy again, with only a few issues open to the majority. He also named a Bolverk, an Eros, and an Eranthe. (Narcissus in Chains)

Known Members[]

  • Alfred - Enforcer for Marcus (deceased).
  • Cassandra - Joins the pack to learn information about the triumvirate (deceased). (TKD)
  • Clair - Young wolf, Richard's girlfriend. (NiC)
  • Clay - Security at Guilty Pleasures.
  • Gwen - Sylvie's mate, a psychologist.
  • Graham - Security at Guilty Pleasures.
  • Heidi - Wanted to leave the pack.
  • Jacob - Richard's third, one of Chimera's moles. Executed for his betrayal. (deceased) (NiC).
  • Jamil - Skoll, enforcer.
  • Jason Schuyler - Low status member of pack, pomme de sang to Jean-Claude, Anita's "wolf to call".
  • Irving Griswold - Low to middle pack, works for The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, can pass as human.
  • Kevin - A mid rank wolf who helps Anita guard Nathaniel and Stephen. (Burnt Offerings)
  • Lorraine - A mid rank wolf who helps Anita guard Nathaniel and Stephen. (Burnt Offerings)
  • Louisa - A pack member that accidentally killed her husband on their honeymoon, by shifting during sex.
  • Marcus Fletcher - Former Ulfric (deceased).
  • Neal - Dominant member of Richard's supporters who opposed Anita becoming Richard's Lupa.
  • Norman - A pack member that helped Anita track a rogue werewolf. (Cerulean Sins)
  • Raina Wallis - Former Lupa of Marcus, killed by Anita and became one of the munin. (deceased) (The Killing Dance)
  • Rashida - One of Jean-Claude's wolf's, presumed dead.
  • Richard Zeeman - A dominant alpha who challenges for and obtains leadership of the clan.
  • Paris - A contender for Lupa, mole working for Chimera. (Narcissus in Chains)
  • Patricia - A pack member that helped Anita track a rogue werewolf. (Cerulean Sins)
  • Peggy Smitz - Killed by her husband. (deceased) (The Lunatic Cafe)
  • Polly - Works at Lunatic Cafe, fears Anita.
  • Sebastian - Enforcer for Marcus (deceased).
  • Shang-Da - Hati, enforcer.
  • Stephen Dietrich - Low pack, stripper for Guilty Pleasures, brother of Gregory.
  • Sylvie Barker - A high level female member of the pack, Richard's second.
  • Teddy - A mid rank wolf who helps Anita guard Nathaniel and Stephan. (Burnt Offerings)
  • Todd - A pack member that talked to a reporter about the lukoi, helped them set up a blind with a camera on a full moon, for money. Was punished and killed by Raina. (deceased)

Human members[]

  • Anita Blake - Lupa and Bolverk of Richard.