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The Master of the City is the master vampire in charge of all the vampires within that city. It is his or her job to control the vampires within his or her territory as well as provide them with protection and life -- the Master of the City makes the hearts beat of all the non-master vampires in his or her territory. In return he or she gains power from all the vampires blood-oathed to him or her.

All vampires, whether resident vampires or vampires 'passing through' a territory are subject to the laws of the Master of the City. To not negotiate safe-passage when entering a territory for a vampire is considered a faux pas and punishable by death should the Master of the City wish it.

When a vampire within the territory breaks a law, whether it be vampire law or Human law, it falls to the Master of the City to deal with it however he or she sees fit. A Master of the City will often let the human authorities deal with a rogue vampire (usually with the help of an executioner), even though it is not the preferred way of doing things, should the rogue vampire's misdeeds be made public.

Although the Master of the City is considered a legal citizen now due to the laws of the United States and he or she abides by human laws in public, the only power they consider to be 'above them' is from The Vampire Council.

Known Masters of a City[]

  • Augustine - Chicago, Illnois.
  • Colin - Myerton, Tennessee. (Deceased)
  • Clayton - Atlanta, Georgia. (Deceased)
  • Itzpapalotl - Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Jean-Claude - St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Max - Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Morvoren - Unspecified region.
  • Nikolaos - St. Louis, Missouri. (Deceased)
  • Samuel - Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
  • Serephina - Branson, Missouri. (Deceased)