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Coalition for Better Understanding Between Human and Lycanthrope Communities,[1] or simply The Coalition or The Furry Coalition,[2] is an organisation founded in St. Louis by the lycanthope community.


The concept of an association of the lycanthropes of St. Louis was originally proposed by Marcus Fletcher, the former pack leader of the Thronnos Rokke Clan, sometime before The Lunatic Café; however, it was rejected by all of the other were groups because it was clear that Marcus wanted to use it to rule over them.

It was later suggested as a means for all the were groups to work together and support each other by Anita Blake in Narcissus in Chains.[3] It is formally established after Narcissus in Chains and is described as "a shapeshifter coalition to promote better understanding among the groups." Anita is chairman.[4]


The Coalition provides help to any were-animal in an emergency, encourages information-sharing among the coalition member groups, and spreads awareness of were-animals to humans through the radio, television, and public speeches. In a way, they act as a general PR (Public Relations) firm for Lycanthropy.

Anita describes the development of the Coalition in Incubus Dreams:

"The coalition had originally been designed to promote better understanding and cooperation among the various animal groups, but [they'd] branched out to dealing with the human world, to try and promote better understanding with them, too."[5]

Further development is revealed in Bullet:

The Coalition helped new shapeshifters adjust to the change in lifestyle, and kept them from shifting early outside safe houses.[6]


They have a help hotline, offer counseling and support to both new and existing weres and their families, and give informational seminars to the public. (NiC)

  • Emergency help line[7]
  • Monthly meeting for family members[8][9]


By Incubus Dreams, the Coalition is officially formed and public. Micah works with it full time as coordinator and earns a salary.[10][11] They have a law firm on retainer.[12]

When the werefox Gil is hit by a car, someone called the emergency contact number in his wallet, which was the Coalition's phone number. Teddy went to the hospital to assist and wait for a lawyer. That same night, a separate incident with a new werewolf afraid he'll turn in a bar calls Micah away.[13] The following day, Richard and his girlfriend Clair pick up Gregory when he calls the number because his car broke down; Gregory called the Coalition number because no one was answering at Anita's place and he was worried.

By Micah, Micah is working with the coalition about 60 hours a week.[14] By Danse Macabre, Micah is running the Coalition and the help line. His job is so involved that he would need to hire someone to help or replace him if he were to help raise a child.[15]

By The Harlequin, Micah is appearing on television on behalf of the coalition.[16] Donovan Reece has also been talking to other cities about how well the coalition is doing, and the coalition has "had some phone calls from other cities, wanting details about how it works."[17] Although Anita was originally chairman, she states in this novel that Micah is head of the coalition.[18]

In The Harlequin, Micah kicks the werelions out of the coalition since the leader Joseph does not come to assist Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude when they are near death, which is seen as breaking the treaty. Haven checks with the other coalition members before challenging Joseph for his pride,[19] and he brings the pride back into the coalition.[20]

In Flirt, Micah is recognized from an interview he did for the news as head of the Coalition.[21]

By "Dancing," Micah is "interviewed a lot by the media" for the Coalition. He's come up with a "sanitized" version of how he and Anita got together which he shares with the press when asked, and he gives that version to Zerbrowski and his wife Katie:

"I came into town hoping to find a city that would understand what I was trying to do with the Coalition. Anita was there when I met the other wereleopards, and it was love at first sight for me."

This indicates that the official public story is that Micah was already developing the Coalition by the time he met Anita, but that is not true; the Coalition was created by Anita after he and Anita met.

By Affliction Micah has been on national news for the Coalition, and the media has shared stories that he and Anita live together.[22] The Coalition has a location with front offices, and Micah seems to have a separate office.[23] There's an unfounded rumor that the Coalition is recruiting people to become lycanthropes, which has been embraced by a branch of religious conservatives.[24]

As Jean-Claude describes:[25]

"Our Micah travels the country talking to various animal groups, helping them deal with their problems. He promotes better relations between normal humans and the lycanthrope community. He has become the public face of the movement and is often called to handle disputes hundreds of miles from our lands."
"Micah and his Coalition are called in across the country to settle disputes between diverse animal groups so they can avoid violence and be more 'human'. When a group of people turn to the same person time and again for leadership, what does that mean, ma petite?"

Jean-Claude believes that Micah, through his work for the Coalition, is becoming a sort of "high king" for the lycanthrope community in America.[25]

It's revealed that Micah and his guards have been engaging in fights for dominance as part of Micah's work with the Coalition, forcing some groups to join. These can be fights to the death, and these fights are kept secret even from Anita; she figures it out only when Domino slips up, and he and Socrates refuse to confirm it or tell her more in an attempt to keep it quiet.[26] Although the Coalition relies mostly on diplomacy, Micah describes how these types of fights come about:[27]

"It started with invitations from groups that wanted to hear about the Coalition. They wanted to join, and then we had a few groups that attacked the ones that had joined us, because one of the things they agree to do is not make war. We're trying to make a no-war rule that sticks like the Vampire Council did with the vampires, but lycanthropes don't have centuries of obeying a central government. Some of them want to keep their independence or simply think that werelions are better than werewolves, so they don't want to be in a mixed animal group, which is the whole idea of the Coaltion."

Micah also sleeps with some of the female dominants to bring in some groups.[27]

In Jason, Envy says that Micah, as head of the Coalition, is "becoming the leader for all the animal groups in town, and even across the country."[28]

By Crimson Death, the Coalition has become a national organization.[29]



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