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Tammy Reynolds is a detective in the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team and adds to the squad her abilities as a witch. Unlike the early members of the squad she chose to join RPIT herself, shortly before the events of The Killing Dance, and her first case is the murder of Robert. She is the first St. Louis detective to have recognized preternatural abilities. She is also a member of the Followers of the Way, a group of Christian witches.


Tammy's height varies a bit from book to book, being 5'10" early on but shortening to 5'8" (not counting the heels) by the time of her wedding. She has a slender build, although she works out enough to keep the male cops from giving her grief. She has straight brown, initially shoulder-length hair that grows long and is pulled back on ponytail by the time of Kiss the Dead. Anita calls Tammy's eyes hazel, Tammy calls them green -- most of the iris is grayish green, but there's a large circle of pale brown around the pupil. Tammy wears more makeup for her Halloween themed wedding than Anita has ever seen her in, and in Kiss the Dead she wears none.

When Anita first meets Tammy she is twenty-something that looks thirty until one sees how eager and full of herself she is. There's a shiny newness to her that Anita lost years ago, even if they are around the same age. On that first meeting Tammy is wearing a purple skirt suit with a white man-tailored shirt. By the time of Cerulean Sins quite a bit of that shiny exterior has worn away at the job. In Kiss the Dead Anita considers Tammy still pretty, but her clothes -- brown skirt suit with a white button-down shirt -- wouldn't flatter anyone.


Mrs. Reynolds: Tammy's mother, insists on a big church wedding, and Tammy seems to be incapable of saying no to her while Larry just wants to get along with his future in-law. Mrs. Reynolds wears pale melon orange to the event and it looks good on her. She seems to be mixed on whether to be miserable or deliriously happy, and is already crying when Tammy walks down the aisle.

Mr. Nathan Reynolds: Tammy's father, hasn't forgiven Larry for getting Tammy pregnant out of wedlock. Mr. Reynolds gives Larry dark looks during the wedding when the main audience isn't watching, but hands her away without further incident and manages to pretend to the crowd that everything is well. Anita isn't comfortable with how well Mr. Reynolds sells the lie.

Larry Kirkland: Tammy's boyfriend since before Burnt Offerings and husband since Incubus Dreams.

Angela: Tammy and Larry's daughter, presumably born during the spring after The Harlequin, although first mentioned in Skin Trade. Nicknamed Angel.


The Killing Dance[]

When we first meet Detective Reynolds Anita has just tried and failed to cross the circle that contains Robert's body, and Reynolds declares that proves Anita's innocence. Reynolds is eager and curious to meet Anita, and tries to help her by whispering a warning that she's flashing the room. Anita's response about matching underwear takes Reynolds by surprise. Reynolds tries to help Anita up but also tries to use the opportunity to read her aura, which is too much magic for Anita in the state she's in right then, causing her to jerk away and almost fall back against the circle. Dolph sends the embarrassed but still curious Reynolds further away (and later presumably out of the room along with everyone else), and explains that she's the first detective ever with preternatural abilities, and got to choose her own assignment. She picked RPIT. She was also the one to point Anita as a potential suspect for the murder, on the grounds that a witch or necromancer was required to perform the spell. A bit later Zerbrowski takes Reynolds to meet the heavily prejudiced neighbors in order to check if they happen to have any magical talent. Later still, when Robert's wife Monica gets home, Reynolds is given the responsibility of giving Monica the news, as Anita preemptively refused to do so.

Burnt Offerings[]

By the time this novel rolls around Tammy, as we learn she is called, is already dating Larry. Her status as the first police detective ever with preternatural abilities is reaffirmed with the caveat that she's the first one who has abilities beyond psychic gifts. We see her at an arson scene when Anita and Larry come to consult with Dolph. They are teasing each other before Tammy reaches them, causing her some confusion as Anita is somewhat more friendly towards Tammy than usual. We learn that Tammy has tried a little too hard to be Anita's friend and tries to ask her all about her profession, making her feel like a freak. When that didn't work Tammy turned to Larry, who was also hesitant to share at first, but caved after they started a relationship with benefits. During this novel the two of them are very much in lust, although Anita suspects Larry at least might already be in love -- and Tammy maybe too, although Anita isn't very invested in Tammy's feelings. Tammy is worried when she realizes Larry is hurt, and Anita leaves him to explain the situation to Tammy. They follow Anita to the scene at a much slower pace.

Later, Tammy is sent as Anita's backup into a burned out vampire nest with a hazmat suit since Dolph is too big for one. Anita isn't thrilled, although she'd rather have Tammy than Larry in the name of keeping Larry safe. Anita also gives Tammy a veiled warning about not hurting him in their relationship either, although she takes it with a smile and agrees. Anita isn't entirely sure why she doesn't trust Tammy, but that doesn't change the fact. When they go in, Tammy takes the rear. Anita wonders how good shot Tammy is and what she's like in an emergency, but hopes they won't find out.

They cover each other while they attempt to bag the dead-to-the-world vampires before the ceiling comes down, and Tammy shoots the second one into head when it wakes as revenant, although Anita has to finish the job since Tammy's gun doesn't do enough damage. Shortly thereafter the situation gets out of hand and Tammy tries to stay with the man she's protecting, even if that means ignoring Anita's order to get out of there. They both end up shooting at more revenants, but Tammy doesn't think to switch back to headshots until after Anita tells Tammy to and she has already emptied her clip. The revenant takes her down into the water, but her glowing cross gives Anita a direction to find Tammy. Anita is attacked again before she gets that far, and by the time she has an opportunity to look again Tammy and the firefighters are gone, and Anita loses consciousness before she can find out more.

When Anita wakes up briefly outside she sees a glimpse of Tammy, with one arm taped to her side, standing over Anita and crying. Twenty four hours later, in the hospital when Anita wakes up properly, she thinks she had imagined the whole thing until Larry confirms that both Tammy and the firefighter she was guarding made it out, although she let a revenant use her arm as a chewing toy in order to keep it from killing her, and got the arm broken as a result. In the end a vampire called the Traveler took over the revenant and saved them.

Cerulean Sins[]

We don't hear of Tammy again until this novel, where we learn that Dolph's growing mistrust of anything preternatural now covers Tammy as a witch as well. He's having Anita double-check Tammy's work, and Anita doesn't want to do it, because even if she doesn't always like Tammy Anita thinks Tammy is pretty good at her job. Anita is still feeling protective over Larry, while Zerbrowski points out that the two of them are head over heels about each other. Zerbrowski also manages to convince Anita to check out the other scene as well, because it's more up her alley than Tammy's -- less magic, more violence.

After Dolph gets out of hand and manhandles Anita, ending up with her passing out, Anita regains consciousness to Tammy with cool rags asking how Anita is feeling. Anita declines to mention that cooling her up is making things worse, not better. We also learn that Tammy's religious zealousness has mellowed out a bit since she started dating Larry. Tammy confesses throwing up in the yard and also passing out after seeing the scene -- because she's three months pregnant thanks to not realizing that antibiotics interfere with birth control. She doesn't believe Anita when she denies having the same issue, and is insulted for not being taken into confidence even after sharing the news and confessing to not having wanted to get married and having a baby at least quite yet and thinking that the accidental pregnancy may have ruined her life and career. When Anita won't budge Tammy leaves, but doesn't take back the jacket she gave Anita to warm her up again.

In the epilogue we learn that Tammy and Larry's wedding is set for October and Tammy is threatening to involve Anita.

Incubus Dreams[]

This novel starts with Tammy and Larry's wedding, where the bridesmaids wear Halloween orange. Anita realizes for the first time that Tammy might be beautiful, and acknowledges that she is a vision as a bride. We also see her mother, who is crying tears that are a mix of joy and sadness, and father, who blames Larry for getting Tammy pregnant out of wedlock. Her family is local, but Anita has never met them before. Tammy keeps her maiden name despite the wedding.

The wedding reception is Halloween themed and Tammy's veil gets stuck in the low decorations set by Larry and his very short set of brothers. She needs the bridesmaid's help to get unhooked from fake skeleton's toes, which ruins the entrance for Tammy and Larry. Anita ends up leaving the reception early thanks to a murder scene.

Later, after Anita accidentally forms a second triumvirate with Nathaniel and Damian, she considers asking Tammy when she gets back from her honeymoon if her branch of church has any archives that might have records of such thing happening before.

  • Possible timeline inconsistency: The Halloween themed wedding hints that the event is set late in October, but if Tammy is still only almost four months pregnant the wedding can't be even a full month after the previous novel that was set in early September. It's possible that the theme has been chosen despite the event being weeks from the actual Halloween, or the author has mistakenly calculated the timeline from the epilogue of the previous novel rather than the main events.


Tammy is five months pregnant and goes into early labor. We don't see her in person, but Larry calls Anita from the hospital to explain the situation and to beg her to take his zombie raising case in Philadelphia so that he can stay with his wife. Later, while Anita is still flying over, Larry leaves her a voicemail to say that the doctors got Tammy's labor stopped and things look good, although they are going to keep her overnight just in case. At the end of the novel Tammy and Larry get Anita a huge bunch of Mylar balloons when she ends up in hospital herself as a result of events that likely would have got Larry killed if had he done the assignment as originally planned.

Skin Trade[]

Tammy is briefly mentioned for a picture of her and Larry on their wedding day that Larry keeps in the office, along with a picture of their daughter Angelica. We also learn that Tammy doesn't approve of Anita's choices in boyfriends, and that Tammy still wants to convert Anita to the Followers of the Way branch of Christianity.

Kiss the Dead[]

We don't hear of Tammy again until this novel, where we learn that she has been less nasty towards Anita than Larry has since their falling out, partly because Tammy has been gone for a while -- first a year of maternity leave with their daughter, then getting transferred to the Preternatural Branch at the FBI. She has only been back at the RPIT headquarters for a few weeks, and Pride gets invited over to sit with her when he comes along to the precinct as Anita's bodyguard. Pride eventually texts Anita to tell her to rescue him from Tammy's attempts at converting him to her branch of Christianity or he's going to be rude. Apparently she has gotten a worse zealot since she left, and Dolph has had to talk to her about concentrating more on saving lives than souls. She has also earned herself a nickname, "the Minister", that is used at least by Jessica Arnet.

Powers & Abilities[]

Tammy is a capable witch and also has the ability to read auras.