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"Sweet Seduction" is a short story in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series written by Laurell K. Hamilton. It was released in Noir Fatale, an anthology of short stories by various authors.


A client asks Anita Blake to investigate her grandson's new fiance, who she believes has bewitched her grandson with a love spell.


Anita takes a meeting with Mrs. Chadwick and Elgin due to the high fee they were willing to pay. Mrs. Chadwick's grandson William Chadwick called off an engagement with Elgin and began seeing Violet Carlin. William was previously very involved with dieting and exercise, but he's uncharacteristically given that up with Violet, who is more plump, and he's gained a few pound. Mrs. Chadwick and Elgin suspect that William has been bewitched for his large trust fund. Skeptical, Anita agrees to look at the situation and reviews photographs after the women leave.

The next day, Mary calls Anita at lunch informing her that Mrs. Chadwick has offered a large sum for Anita to look into the matter further.

Anita visits Violet Carlin's bakery, where the customers all seem very happy and invested in the food, and Violet herself is charismatic, so Anita suspects that Mrs. Chadwick and Elgin might be right. Anita tries some of the cupcakes, which are delicious, but she isn't convinced that they're bespelled. William visits Violet, so Anita shows her badge and questions them. They seem to be legitimately in love, and Anita isn't sure if it's magic or not.

Mrs. Chadwick arrives and causes a scene. She pulls a gun and tries to shoot Violet, but William steps in the way and she shoots her grandson instead. Anita handcuffs Mrs. Chadwick and helps William until first responders arrive.

Mrs. Chadwick is arrested. Violet is cleared of any magic use; she's just a happy charismatic person with delicious baked goods. William survives, and Anita later receives an invitation to his and Violet's wedding.


  • Anita Blake
  • Mrs. Robert Chadwick
  • Elgin, William's previous fiance
  • William Chadwick, Mrs. Chadwick's grandson
  • Violet Carlin, William's new fiance
  • Mary
  • Bert Vaughn


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