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Swanmanes are a group of shapeshifters born or cursed with the ability to take the the power and appearance of a specific species of animal, in this case, swan. Although there are not as many swanmanes as compared other types of shapeshifters, there are at least one to six swanmanes in every major city in the United States. There is one swanking born for every generation, as well as a swan queen to be his mate, although no queen as been found for the current generation's king.

Although weaker than the predatory shapeshifters, swan can control their change into animal form and are not influenced by the moon. In the case of males, after they reach a certain age their hair is replaced by fine feathers.

Known Swanmanes[]

  • Donovan Reece
  • Kaspar Gunderson
  • Bianca - One of the three swanmanes rescued by Anita from the Wereanaconda's.
  • Two other unnamed swan's of St. Louis

Swanmane Terminology[]

  • Swan King - Born every generation and identified with a birthmark in the form of a swan. His duty is to travel the world and take care of the other swan's.
  • Swan Prince - Unknown if this title applied only to Kaspar, as he had been a prince hundred of years ago, or if the term is used for a swanmane leader of a certain region.
  • Swan Queen - The mate of the swan king. Usually born every generation as the king.

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