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"Serephina threw back her head and laughed. The laughter died in mid-motion, gone like it had never been. Her face was a mask with eyes of white fire. Her skin seemed to grow paler, whiter until it was like translucent marble. Veins showed under her skin like lines of blue flame. Her power flowed through the room like rising water, deeper and deeper until when she released it we would all be drowned."
Anita Blake[src]

Serephina was a master vampire and was approximately 600 years old when Anita met her. She was turned late in life and appeared older than most vampires, with streaks of grey and white in her hair and a wrinkled face. She had been Jean-Claude's master in the past.

Serephina was obsessed with achieving true immortality, and sought to drink the blood of the fey boggle, Rawhead and Bloody Bones. When she broke her word to the fey, Anita and Larry were able to break the spell allowing her to draw on its power. At that point, Serephina decided to attempt to control Anita, reasoning that a necromancer's blood might grant her more power. Although Serephina offered Anita the (illusory) opportunity to be reunited with her mother, Anita was able to reveal Serephina's location to the authorities, who burned her hideout, killing Serephina.

Powers & Abilities[]

Unknown to Jean-Claude, Serephina somehow radically increased her power while in the "old country" (presumably France) and became powerful enough to assume mastery over Janos, Xavier, and the other vampires she brought to Branson. Her abilities included:

  • Calling Ghosts: She had the ability to call ghosts to her, rather than an animal.
  • Calling Shadows: She as a master vampire, could call shadows to her, cloaking herself in darkness.
  • Empathic Voice Manipulation: Anita describes her voice as "loathsome and half-alive".
  • Extremely strong mental powers: Seraphina had the power to detect and offer others the illusion of their deepest desire. She could also block Anita from reading her age.
  • Flight
  • Draw blood from a distance: