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Sabin was a master vampire of Belle Morte's line. He was originally blond-haired and blue-eyed, with the perfectly handsome face of a medieval cherub, and powerful enough to not have to tolerate insults from anyone lower than the Council members themselves.


Like Jean-Claude, Sabin was a member of a triumvirate with Dominic Dumare and Cassandra, and also Cassandra's lover. At some point in (probably recent) time Cassandra got squeamish about Sabin using human blood to sustain himself, and threatened to leave him. Not willing to lose her, and not knowing what he was risking, Sabin then willingly refrained from feeding from humans. He tried living only on cold blood and animal blood, until his body began to rot irreversibly. At that point he presumably went back to his intended diet, but that didn't stop the virulent decay, and Cassandra couldn't stand his touch any longer.

As Sabin was holding his rapidly rotting form together by sheer preternatural force of will, he petitioned Jean-Claude for a chance to consult with Anita, allegedly in the hopes that her powers might cure Sabin. Jean-Claude allowed Sabin to come to St. Louis with only one of his servants, and he chose Dominic, but in secret sent Cassandra as well, disguised as just another new werewolf in town. They pretended to not know each other, all in order to capture Jean-Claude's triumvirate and use them as sacrifices in a ritual that they believed would restore Sabin.

Killing Jean-Claude would have brought the Council's wrath upon Sabin, as they had ordered all US vampires into truce while the political situation was in jeopardy, but his body and mind were deteriorating so fast he was willing to risk it. He clung to the promise of the ritual, even if Anita wasn't actually carrying Jean-Claude's marks at the moment and they were only a triumvirate with Richard in name. Sabin didn't think he could wait for Anita to try to heal him, as another night's delay would have left him incapable of performing his own part of the ritual. However, their attempt at the ritual was ultimately ruined by Anita, Edward, and Harley, and Anita killed Sabin by shooting what there was left of his head.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Animal to call: Sabin's animal to call was the wolf. His lover, Cassandra, was also his werewolf to call.
  • Call Shadows: Sabin could hide himself in shadows. He used this ability to hide his face while wearing a cloak so no one could see his disfigured face.
  • Triumvirate: Sabin was a part of a triumvirate of power with Dominic and Cassandra.
  • Aura Manipulation: Sabin could manipulate the aura of any preternatural being (including Anita as a necromancer) in order to affect their physical sensations and inflict wounds. While his body was rotting, he lost control of this ability and his powers would leak. He accidentally slashed Anita's, Jean-Claude's, and Dominic's flesh with a laugh.
  • Emphatic Voice Manipulation.
  • Flight: Because of his condition, Sabin had lost an unknown amount of the lower half of his body. To move around he would constantly levitate.
  • (Probably not Ardeur): Dominic said that the ritual required a triumvirate that matches their own powers exactly, which might indicate that Sabini also possessed ardeur. However, it's more likely that simply being a vampire of the same bloodline was enough similarity as long as the other two parties were a necromancer and a werewolf. Ardeur is never mentioned in relation to Sabini, and it would have given him an alternative means to feed without resorting to animal blood.