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A member of SWAT is required to have a great physical fitness, nerves of steel even when faced with charging monsters, and great marksmanship skills. This is required both for joining and for staying in the team.

St. Louis Mobile Reserve[]

In Kiss the Dead it's said that St. Louis SWAT has enough men to field three teams.


  • Sergeant Hudson - Not the biggest or most muscled man in the squad, but has an air of authority. Has solid brown eyes that match his mustache and close-cropped hair.
  • Sergeant Melbourne - Dies in Vittorio's trap in Incubus Dreams. (Deceased)
  • Killian - Only an inch or two taller than Anita, has white buzz cut. Loans out his spare gear to her in Incubus Dreams.
  • Jung - Green-eyed Asian American.
  • Officer Derry - Bulkiest man on the squad.
  • Officer Baldwin - Tall man, carries the body shield. Dies in Vittorio's trap in Incubus Dreams, killed by a human servant wielding a sword. (Deceased)
  • Mendez
  • In Incubus Dreams Sergeant Hudson says they lost three men, but in Skin Trade they talk about only two.
  • Sergeant Greco - Leads one of the teams in Kiss the Dead.
  • Baxter - member of Greco's team.

Appeared in[]

  • Incubus Dreams
  • Kiss the Dead (called just SWAT, not Mobile Reserve)

Mentioned in[]

  • Skin Trade

Las Vegas SWAT[]


All tall, from maybe 5' 10" to mostly over six feet, with short haircuts and broad shoulders, all in good shape.

  • Lieutenant Grimes - Not psychic. Sincere true-brown eyes, over a decade older than Anita, true believer in his SWAT unit.
  • Sergeant Rocco - Code name Cannibal. Psychic vampire, can feed on emotions and memories. Almost black eyes.
  • Hooper - Code name Sonny. Psychic. Gray eyes.
  • Davis - Code name Davey. Psychic. Yellow-blond hair, clear blue eyes, cleft in chin, nice mouth.
  • Mercer - Code name Mercy. Psychic. Medium-brown straight hair, large, pale eyes between blue and grey depending on light.
  • Rusterman - Code name Spider. Psychic. Medium-brown curly hair, eyes of pure, solid milk-chocolate brown.
  • Sanchez - Code name Arrio. Psychic. Hispanic, black hair, sparks Anita when they shake hands.
  • Theodoros - Code name Santa. Psychic, knows who has been naughty and who's been nice. Looks Greek, black, straight hair.
  • Moonus - Code name Moon. Psychic. Very curly hair, very dark brown eyes, strangely short but very, very thick lashes that make his eyes look bigger and more delicate than they actually are. His mother's family is from Iran and he speaks Arabic.
  • Randall "Randy" Sherman- Code name Wizard. Psychic. Cannibal's second in command.
  • Tony - Possibly dark, possibly straight hair, caucasian, pale eyes that might be gray or pale blue. Married. Vampire executioner, a stake-and-hammer man. Beheaded by Vittorio and head sent to Anita at the beginning of Skin Trade. (Deceased)

Appeared in[]

  • Skin Trade