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Ru is a member of the Harlequin introduced in Crimson Death. He is one of the wereleopard triplets with Rodrigo and Rodina.


Almost completely identical to his triplet brother Rodrigo. Presumably this means Ru has a spattering of freckles across cheeks and short baby-fine white-blond hair, and the shoulder span of an adult male. His eyes are black, but kinder than Rodrigo's.

Ru's body type is lean and muscular, resembling a long-distance runner who lifts weights, complete with an eight-pack. He looks like a 17-year-old, although he knows how to influence his apparent age with attitude, expressions, and bearing. His alter ego Rue Erwin is a teenager, while Wyatt Erwin is a doctor of literature in his twenties. He is also a master of copying behavior from his company and thus fitting in.


Is made Anita's Bride in Crimson Death along with his siblings, although Anita manages to control the process better and isn't herself bound emotionally to the triplet. They help Anita and Nathaniel escape from M'Lady's captivity, even if Rodrigo was involved in capturing them in the first place and killed Domino. This and the triplet's startling resemblance to each other cause Anita to be less than happy with her new Brides. After Rodrigo dies saving Anita and Nathaniel, Ru and Rodina join Anita's group back to St. Louis.

In Serpentine Ru and Rodina serve as Anita's bodyguards on a trip to Florida to a wedding. They still chafe against each other with Anita's inability to forgive Rodrigo and seeing him in his siblings, and Ru and Rodina mourning their brother and still trying to figure out their place in Anita's life. Ru likes Anita better as their Dark Queen than he liked Marmee Noir. We learn that the triplets are more than a thousand years old and have multiple often-used identities (of which Ru uses Rue Erwin and Wyatt Erwin within this novel). Both Ru and Rodina have several academic degrees, Rodrigo's academic prowess isn't mentioned. Anita kisses Ru in order to get rid of unwanted female attention, and finally manages to see him as a person without Rodrigo on the way.

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