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Roxanne is a werewolf and lupa of the Oak Tree Clan. Her Ulfric is called Verne. We meet her in Blue Moon.


Roxanne has brown eyes and long, brown hair tinted slightly in blue, and she wears her bangs thinned and over her face like a veil. She has at least one tattooed arm. Behind it all she looks traditionally girl-next-door pretty and is about Anita's size.

When Anita first meets Roxanne she is wearing a jean jacket with no sleeves, looking like a punk biker.

Roxanne is powerful enough to fill a room with her presence, and (in Cherry's words) almost psychotically dominant.

History within series[]

Blue Moon[]

Verne mentions Roxanne to Anita after he breaks her word and she insists on reparations. Verne says that according to Richard Anita and Roxanne will like each other if they won't kill each other first.

They meet in person later in the novel, when Roxanne bursts in to Marianne's bathroom where Anita is taking a bath, angry enough to kill her but not very forthcoming about the reason. Anita has to promise death and give a warning shot to keep Roxanne from entering the bathroom instead of waiting to talk until Anita is dressed. They attempt to talk in the kitchen with Marianne as a mediator and some wolves and leopards sanding guard, but Roxanne manages to attack Anita regardless, and she repays that with violence. They both get hurt, Roxanne worse as Anita kicks Roxanne's knee out and borrows Richard's power to survive the encounter, but Verne arrives in time to stop them from killing each other. He reveals that he had lied to Roxanne about Anita propositioning him earlier, and that seems to be the true root of Roxanne's anger. Roxanne promises she won't hurt Anita further, although Verne is a different thing once they are alone. They are both very much in love with each other.

Later, Roxanne stays in a different room down the hall with a possible concussion and Ben sitting guard, although Anita isn't sure which one of them he is guarding from which.

When Anita & co. leave to save Richard's family, Roxanne insists on coming along, even if she has to be carried to the van by Ben. She knows the house they are going in, having been friends with John Greene before they hit puberty and he started hitting on her. Presumably by her instructions they leave the van to a clearing halfway down the road from the house. Everyone disappears into the woods to head towards the house, Ben still carrying Roxanne, but Nathaniel stays with Anita and they come across Howard Grant trying to run away. When Roxanne reappears, apparently under her own power this time, she scares Howard into fainting. Anita leaves Howard with Roxanne, Ben, Damian, and Asher, with plans to make Howard lead the group to the house to save Daniel, while Anita goes to rescue Charlotte.

After the fight Anita heals Nathaniel with the help of munin, Jean-Claude, and the pack's power, and sends pleasure back to those who offered their power to help. Somehow this ends up healing Roxanne as well, although Anita leaves explanations to Marianne and we never hear them.

Narcissus in Chains[]

Roxanne is mentioned briefly (albeit only by her status as Verne's lupa) as the reason why the Oak Tree Clan has an Eros and an Eranthe. Roxanne is too jealous to allow Verne to educate new pack members in safe sex as newly turned lycanthropes.