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Rodina is a member of the Harlequin introduced in Crimson Death. She is one of the wereleopard triplets with Rodrigo (whom she calls Roddy) and Ru. Their original vampire master's name hasn't been revealed.


A female version of of his triplet brother Rodrigo. Identical face with a spattering of freckles across pale cheeks and baby-fine artfully styled white-blond hair curling around her face and brushing her shoulders. Her eyes are black with a teasing hardness in them, and eyeliner and mascara makes them look larger and stand out against her pale skin more, but the expression in her eyes is not as sadistic as Rodrigo's. Wen we meet her for the first time she's wearing black-on-black clothing that resembles Anita's vampire hunting gear, complete with practical boots.

Rodina looks like a 17-year-old and has done so since their vampire master bound the triplets while they were teenagers, although she knows how to influence her apparent age with attitude, expressions, and bearing. Her alter ego Rosemary Erwin is a teenager, while Morgan Erwin is a doctor of history in her twenties.


Crimson Death[]

Rodina is made Anita's Bride in this novel along with her siblings, although Anita manages to control the process better and isn't herself bound emotionally to the triplet. We meet Rodina for the first time when she arrives just in time to explain coffee dates to M'Lady. We learn that M'Lady doesn't appreciate Rodina's personality very highly, and commands her into a low curtsy despite her wearing trousers. Rodina is left to maintain that position quite a while before M'Lady helps Rodina up. As a further punishment for Rodina's attitude M'Lady makes her relive past terrors until Rodina is kneeling and screaming M'Lady's true name. When Rodina is finally released she only barely manages to stop herself from falling, and her voice is shaky and weak when she advises Anita to just take the punishment in her turn.

Rodina doesn't seem to like M'Lady at all better than M'Lady likes Rodina, but she follows M'Lady's orders to a letter. Rodina threatens to gag Anita and cut out Nathaniel's tongue if Anita keeps calling out to Damian to break him out of M'Lady's spell. Rodina's eyes burn blue when she restrains Damian, which likely indicates that blue is her vampire master's eye color. However, M'Lady forbids Rodina from injuring Damian, and mocks her ability as one of the Harlequin if she has trouble with keeping a single vampire under control for a few minutes. Rodina drops her knife to the floor and leaves it there when they leave.

Nathaniel and Anita manage to free themselves by the time Rodina returns to rescue them, and declares M'Lady isn't their Evil Queen despite hosting part of Marmee Noir's power. Anita finally realizes she rolled Rodina along with Rodrigo, something that Rodina says only Marmee Noir has managed before, although it's unclear if Rodina speaks of personal experience. Rodina introduces them to Ru, and asks for Anita's word of honor to not take her revenge on Rodrigo until they are all safe. The triplets helps Anita and Nathaniel escape from M'Lady's castle, even if Rodrigo was involved in capturing them in the first place and killed Domino. This and the triplet's startling resemblance to each other cause Anita to be less than happy with her new Brides, but she bows to the necessity and allows them to help. They take their duty of protecting their new queen seriously, and Rodina and Ru don't abandon their tasks even when Rodrigo takes a shotgun blast to his chest to save Anita and Nathaniel. Once the fighting is mostly over Rodina and Ru join Anita to kneeling beside Rodrigo when he explains in his last moments how he accidentally forced Anita to fulfill the tiger prophecy by drinking Domino's blood. Afterwards Ru and Rodina join Anita's group back to St. Louis.


In this novel Ru and Rodina serve as Anita's bodyguards on a trip to Florida to a wedding. They still chafe against each other with Anita's inability to forgive Rodrigo and seeing him in his siblings, and Ru and Rodina mourning their brother and still trying to figure out their place in Anita's life. Rodina has some of Rodrigo's sadistic tendencies and misses Marmee Noir as their Dark Queen. Rodina needles Anita as a way to mourn Rodrigo, but grudgingly appreciates Anita's honesty and attempts to accommodate the needs of her Brides. We learn that the triplets are more than a thousand years old and have multiple often-used identities (of which Rodina uses Rosemary Erwin and Morgan Erwin within this novel). Both Ru and Rodina have several academic degrees, Rodrigo's academic prowess isn't mentioned.

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