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"The vampire wasn't as old as Jean-Claude, nor as good. I sat there feeling the press and flow of over a hundred years of power, and it wasn't enough."
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Robert is first introduced as one of the vampire strippers at Guilty Pleasures, and later is promoted to its manager. Although a century old, Robert is essentially a coward, and repeatedly backs down in confrontations with Jean-Claude's enemies. Robert is also not powerful enough to be a master vampire.

Robert marries Monica Vespucci and they are able to conceive a child. Shortly thereafter Robert is killed by Sabin's triumvirate as part of a ritual meant to heal Sabin.


Robert is tall, with a model-perfect face and long blond hair. Like most vampires, he routinely uses ability to enchant humans and enhance his appearance, creating an inhumanly beautiful face and a near tangible sense of masculinity. Acting as a vicious vampire attacker on stage, he moves with a deliberate sense of violence, and makes himself beast-like when revealing his fangs.

He is loyal to Jean-Claude, viewing the elder vampire as his master, and treats Anita with respect as his master's human servant.


Guilty Pleasures []

We meet Robert in the first novel of the series, and learn that he is over one hundred years old. He works as a stripper at Guilty Pleasures, and sometimes runs the club when Jean-Claude is absent on other duties. On the night Anita attends the club as part of a bachelorette party with vampire wannabe Monica Vespucci and bride-to-be Catherine Maison, Robert is one of the strippers working the crowd, feeding off of fellow dancer Phillip and helping Jean-Claude attempt to put Anita under his power. Robert makes a grab for Anita on the stage, but Anita is able to move out of reach in time, something few humans could do. Robert is visibly shaken by Anita's ability to resist his power of enchantment.

A few days later a group of vampires, under the command of the Master of the City Nikolaos, invades the club and kidnaps Phillip despite Robert's best efforts to hold them off. These efforts don't include letting himself get hurt, as he thinks he would only get killed by resorting to violence. After Nikolaos kills Phillip, she delivers unconscious Anita to Robert as a warning to those who follow Jean-Claude that he doesn't possess the power to stop Nikolaos. Robert takes Anita to the main office where she eventually wakes up. He tries to help her recover from her ordeal, but she is still too angry at him for not being able to protect Phillip, and she orders him to leave her. He does leave, but not before leaving her a note telling her where her weapons are stored.

The Lunatic Cafe[]

In this novel we learn that Jean-Claude has promoted Robert to manager of Guilty Pleasures after becoming the Master of the City. Anita doesn't like Robert or these news, because she still doesn't think Robert did as much as he should have to protect Phillip. She also doesn't like that Robert tries to make her to give up her cross. She likes it even less so than usual, because she has every reason to think that Gretchen might attack her again. Robert doesn't dare to let Anita pass, or leave his post in order to ask further instructions, because Jean-Claude has promised to punish Robert if he ever fails him in any way again, large or small. However, he does let Anita pass after Gretchen comes to see what the delay is and threatens his life if he doesn't. Gretchen shares Anita's opinion that Robert is a wimp and a liability.

A bit later Robert also fails to keep Raina, Gabriel, and Kaspar Gunderson from entering the room, although this time Robert gets bloodied in the attempt, probably by Raina. Jean-Claude doesn't see this as a good enough attempt, and Robert begs on his knees to be spared. Anita joins the plea, having had enough of punishments after seeing what Jean-Claude did to Gretchen. Jean-Claude decides to give Robert to Raina's next film, and when Anita protests, Jean-Claude makes Robert to choose between that and being locked in a cross-covered box. Robert chooses the film, despite being afraid of Raina and knowing how sadistic she is.

Bloody Bones[]

We only meet Robert very briefly in this novel. Anita calls Guilty Pleasures to talk with Jean-Claude, and Robert answer the phone. She still considers him one of her least favorite vampires. Robert transfers the call to Jean-Claude's office, but warns Anita that the call might drop because they have a new phone system, and tells her to call back if that happens. The call transfers successfully, though, and a bit later Robert is mentioned again as not being powerful enough to escort Anita to a meeting with Serephina.

The Killing Dance[]

Sometime between Guilty Pleasures and The Killing Dance Robert marries Monica Vespucci, and they are expecting a child together at the beginning of the novel--an accident involving a hot tub and a lot of sex, apparently, since no one knew a vampire that old could be fertile. They are still a week from being able to do amnio to check that the child doesn't have Vlad syndrome, although we later learn that the pregnancy is far enough that the baby is due in August, three months from the beginning of the book. Robert doesn't get to witness the birth, though, as he is killed in a ritual involving necromancy in his own bedroom. We also learn that Jean-Claude is the vampire who made Robert, and initially Anita can't think of any other reason than that connection for why anyone would want to kill Robert, as he's too weak to bother with by regular vampire standard. Then she realizes that as a upcoming father he's also a prime target for the various hate groups, although they tend to frown on necromancy as well. There's a visiting necromancer in town, called Dominic Dumare, but he doesn't seem to have a motive, and later turns out to have an alibi. Neither Monica nor Jean-Claude want to believe Robert is truly gone, and Monica almost loses the baby in her distress. Jean-Claude swears to see to Monica and the child's every need on Robert's behalf. In the end we learn that the ritual that killed Robert was actually in preparation for a bigger ritual that aims for saving Sabin, and that Dominic's alibi was faked.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Immortality - Robert was over a hundred years old and possessed the appearance of a beautiful young man.
  • Superhuman Strength - He possessed an unknown degree of strength, though he could bench-press at least the weight of an average car.
  • Superhuman Speed - He could move at blurring speeds, though he was slow compared to older vampires.
  • Psychic Abilities
    • Heightened Beauty - He could cloud the minds of normal humans with his telepathy, making himself inhumanly beautiful at will.
    • Invisibility - He could also mask his movements, preventing others from seeing his movements until he wishes them to notice him.


Robert and Monica's home is in Countryside Hills within Creve Coeur, which is a nice, upscale, older neighborhood. The house is a typical one story suburban ranch house, although with a special feature that the yard is surrounded by brick walls as tall as the house walls. There's a wrought iron gate at the curved entrance in Mediterranean style. The yard has a stone path and square, rock-edged flowerbeds full of rosebushes, and a somewhat excessive amount of floodlights illuminating the area.

There's a screen in the front door. The living room is narrow but long, and has a TV and video center at the end. Two short hallways lead off the living room at right angles, and a dining room directly off of the first room. When Anita visits the place as a crime scene there's an open door that reveals carpeted stairs leading to a finished basement. One of the hallways leads into a second, smaller living room with a fireplace. That room is more boxlike, but the far wall is entirely brick, and Anita feels that it makes the room cozier. There's an open doorway to the left that leads to the kitchen, and the wall between the rooms has a pass-through on the top half, like an in-house window without a glass. The next room from the second living room is obviously new at Anita's visit, and hasn't got the final paint yet. There are sliding glass doors for the left-hand wall and an already usable hot tub that takes up most of the floor space. Yet another hallway leads away from the tub, also under construction, and leads into another, larger bathroom that is likewise not entirely finished. There's a carved wooden door at the end of the hall, made of new light-colored oak wood. Behind that door is a bedroom with a king-size bed and a bureau complete with a large mirror at the right-hand wall. On Anita's visit the bed has purple satin sheets and a lot of pillows. There's enough floor space for Robert to lay spreadeagled on the floor. Somewhere nearby there's also a nursery waiting for the upcoming birth.