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"I am a god created by my people's tears. I am the power that is left of the Aztecs, and I am the Spaniard's magic made flesh."
—Red Woman's Husband[src]

Red Woman's Husband was humanoid creature approximately 500 years old who believed himself to be a god. Anita indicated he was sort some of vampire she had never encountered before; however, Red Woman's Husband explained that he was actually created by the indigenous Aztec's magic and faith as a "new god" intended to protect them from, but later take vengeance upon, the Spanish Conquistadors.  

He was ultimately behind the mutilation and murders being investigated in Obsidian Butterfly, although his servants and his dragon actually carried out the deeds.

"Red Woman" is the name of the Aztec goddess of blood. Itzpapalotl had a hand in Anita's defeat of him, because after Anita had a taste of her power, she was less affected by him.


Red Woman's Husband wore a conquistador steel helmet and breastplate. He also wore a necklace of tongues and a skirt of intestines from his victims. His arms were bare, strong and muscled, and covered in the missing eyelids of the victims. He had blue-green eyes, which he might have inherited from a European parent.


Red Woman's Husband's age is unknown but we was at least 500 years old. A "new god" when the Spanish Conquistadors came, he and his servants were put in a magical sleep by one of his warrior-priests. He awoke ten years before the event of Obsidian Butterfly. Weakened from his long sleep, he used his blood to awaken his chief priest, Tlaloci. Because Riker had found the resting place of the rest of his servants, and destroyed their mummies, Red Woman's Husband had to find a new way to bring them back. He used his minion, the Quetzalcoatl to kill all those that had stolen his servant's possessions. He slaughtered those with magical powers so that they would not hunt him and transformed the mundane people into flayed undead, using their skins to bring back the rest of his warrior priest. After ten years he had almost reached his full power and planned to sacrifice Nicandro Baco, thinking that his mortality would make him immortal and yet mortal, so that he could sacrifice himself to awaken the other gods. When Nicky disappeared he ordered his dragon to find and bring Anita. After he drank Anita's blood, she stabbed him through the heart and killed him. Anita and Olaf cut off his head and heart and burned them along with his body. The ashes were scattered over three different bodies of water.

Powers & Abilities[]

Although unclear Anita believed he was a type of vampire due to his lack of blood (until he fed from Anita), his death magic and the manner in which she killed him. He possessed abilities similar to a vampire, a necromancer, and a witch. He taught certain kinds of death magic to the necromancer and vargamorNicandro Baco, allowing him to fuse dead bodies together into a horrible creature and trapping the souls of the living inside his creature. He had also been growing in power since he awoke from his centuries hibernation and Anita describes his power as that of a "battery the size of the Chrysler building".

He could animate dead organs - the trophies from his victims (the tongues, intestines and eyelids), raise zombies so life-like Anita and medical doctors could not tell they were dead (as well as feed through his zombies), and he could attach dead body parts to himself (he fused eyelids of his victims to his body). Like Itzpapalotl, he could drain the power and life-force of others and passed this ability to Nicandro Baco. He was also able to manipulate auras in order kill from a distance and he very nearly succeeded in killing Anita had she not been saved by a nearby witch.

Red Woman's Husband could also control a Quetzalcoatl, an almost extinct type of dragon. Quetzalcoatl may or may not have been his animal to call.