Phillip is a "vampire junkie" and a stripper at Guilty Pleasures, and the first in a long line of beautiful but wounded strippers who looks to Anita for healing and protection, and one she fails to save. We meet him in Guilty Pleasures.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Phillip is handsome and well-built, but not a muscleman. His hair is thick and brown and softer than it looks, and reaches his shoulders. His arms and neck are full of scar tissue from vampire bites, and more scares cover his smooth, tanned chest. He has big, brown eyes.

History[edit | edit source]

Guilty Pleasures[edit | edit source]

Anita first sees Phillip onstage at a surprise bachelorette party Monica throws for Catherine near the beginning of Guilty Pleasures. Their table is right next to the stage and Phillip comes to their table when Monica waves her money at him, and lets her kiss him until she bites him without a warning, hard enough to draw blood, and he lets her suck on the wound before moving on to the other tables and then returning to the stage. He plays Robert's victim onstage, and at first Anita thinks Phillip is scared and in pain, but in the end comes to the conclusion that he enjoyed the bite despite not being put under for it.

Later, Phillip comes to meet Anita at Animators, Inc., where Anita accidentally implies to her co-workers that Phillip is her lover before dragging him out of there, while he keeps flirting with her. He seems to have some self-esteem issues, especially regarding his scars, so Anita isn't quite as harsh with him as she could be.

Phillip wants to know what happened to Jean-Claude, who didn't come back to Guilty Pleasures after Anita's meeting with Nikolaos. Anita takes Phillip to Mabel's cafeteria for lunch (another concession, because Phillip is hurt when he thinks she doesn't want to be seen with him), and tells him what happened with Nikolaos and Jean-Claude and the punishment. In return Phillip tells Anita that Nikolaos might go as far as kill Jean-Claude, or trap him into a cross-lined coffin for long enough that he might lose his sanity.

Phillip volunteers to help Anita in her investigation in vampire murders, since he might know the people in question. He manages to talk her into taking him along to visit Rebecca Miles, a woman whom Phillip refers as having been the property of the first victim, Maurice. Phillip does get Anita inside Rebecca's apartment, and helps to calm her down from the hysterics she descends into when she thinks Anita is there to kill Jack, Rebecca's new vampire sugar-daddy. At Phillip's prompting, Rebecca gives Anita a new clue: freak parties.

Something that happens at Rebecca's makes Phillip reluctant to help Anita further, but in the end he promises to take her into a freak party that night. We learn that he stopped going to them these past few months, because he got tired of being passed around from vampire to vampire, and didn't want Rebecca's fate, or worse. Anita suspects Phillip didn't come to her out of his own desire but was sent to help her for some reason, and wonders why they picked him and how much of the whole thing had been genuine.

When Anita asks around about Phillip she learns that he frequents the freak parties and is a junkie, which she already knew, and that he is a small player in the vampire district, a professional victim more than anything. She also learns that Valentine attacked Phillip when he was a kid, likely 12 or younger, and that Valentine brags that Phillip liked it so much that he became a junkie. Later we learn that Phillip is absolutely terrified of Valentine.

Phillip does take Anita to the party, and the plan is to explain his absence by having been cultivating his new girlfriend, a recent survivor of a Vampire attack, into becoming a freak. Anita doesn't play her part very well, but Phillip does his best, although his composure crumbles after they get left alone for a moment and he starts shaking. Anita says that they can leave and Phillip pulls himself together, but he speaks too freely when he says he can do it now that he knows he has options, and eventually has to confess he was ordered to attend and to keep Anita safe.

Like any junkie, Phillip struggles to keep his head while surrounded by temptations, but he manages to not give in and leave Anita alone. He pulls her into a bathroom to give himself a chance to collect himself, and blackmails her into kissing him when he notices they are being watched through the bathroom window. Phillip bites Anita's throat without a warning, hard enough to draw blood, and explains it away as making her safe for the rest of the evening, at least from the humans, when she gets angry with him again.

Anita leaves Phillip inside when she goes to get some air, and gets caught into other vampire drama, but sometime later that evening, when Anita is negotiating with Nikolaos, Phillip comes half-running to them and keeps reminding Nikolaos of her promise to not hurt Anita. Anita tries to send him back inside, but he is being too brave to leave, even if he doesn't quite know what to do. Nikolaos loses patience with him, kicking his legs out from under him and striking his face bloody, but the appearance of a group from the Church of Eternal Life prompts her to leave without hurting Phillip more.

Phillip doesn't know how to drive, so Willie McCoy who came with Nikolaos and got left behind takes the wheel while Anita covers them with her gun. They get away from the attacking vampires, and Phillip is very proud of having stood up to Nikolaos. He finally confesses it was Nikolaos who sent him, and told him to seduce her, which he failed to do, although we later learn that Nikolaos either never learns this from Phillip or simply never believes it true. Willie and Anita drop Phillip off at Guilty Pleasures.

The next day, when Anita checks her answering service, she learns from Willie that Nikolaos' people got to Phillip and are hurting him, and then from Nikolaos, who tells Anita to come, or else. Anita does, and finds Phillip chained to a wall from wrist and ankle, bloody but alive. Nikolaos bites him, but doesn't kill him, and Anita negotiates getting to talk with Phillip in private and no vampires getting into the room in exchange of going along with Nikolaos plans, whatever they are. When as along as they were going to get, Phillip tells Anita he was taken from Guilty Pleasures, and that Robert wasn't strong enough to stop them. Anita leaves Phillip there, chained to the wall and on his way to slowly bleeding to death, because she doesn't have any other option.

Anita does what Nikolaos asks, but she sends Aubrey and Valentine to kill Phillip anyway, just because Jean-Claude has promised Phillip his protection and Nikolaos wants to punish Jean-Claude. Anita hears Phillip scream, but by the time she gets back to him, Phillip's throat has already been torn out.

Later, when Anita and Edward invade Nikolaos' realm to kill her, we learn that Zachary has raised Phillip from his grave. Nikolaos wanted him to try to take his revenge on Aubrey, as murder victims raised as zombies are wont to do, only in this case the likely scenario was Phillip getting ripped to pieces again. However, by that time Anita and Edward have already killed both Aubrey and Valentine, ruining Nikolaos' fun. Phillip doesn't seem to realize he's dead, or be very aware (possibly because it's still daylight, even if they are underground), until they get to the room where he died. At that point he seems to recognize the location, and screams. Anita tries to go to him, but is stopped, and he stays huddled at the corner, ignoring everything that happens in the room. Through all this, Nikolaos still believes that Phillip was Anita's lover, because Nikolaos cannot comprehend that their behavior towards each other could result from any other reason.

When everything is over, Anita leads Phillip back to his grave. He's slowly starting to remember, first recognizing Anita, then remembering that Aubrey killed him. Phillip tells Anita he doesn't want to die, but once Anita reminds him that he's already dead, he lays down on his grave and asks her to put him back. Anita does. Later, his body is moved to a local cemetery, and Anita visits his grave whenever she works there.

The Lunatic Cafe[edit | edit source]

Phillip's death is briefly referred to in The Lunatic Cafe, even if he isn't mentioned by name.

Dead Ice[edit | edit source]

In Dead Ice we learn that Phillip was originally brought to Jean-Claude as a handsome victim for one of the vampire dancers (presumably Robert) to feed onstage. Jean-Claude got Phillip off street drugs, because such things aren't allowed in Jean-Claude's club or on his stage, only for Phillip to get addicted to vampire bites instead. Jean-Claude blames himself for Phillip's death, both because this new addiction resulted in his death when Jean-Claude had thought getting off the drugs would save his life in the long run, and because Jean-Claude saw Phillip as his to protect, and wasn't powerful enough to do so. Jean-Claude ran the club Phillip worked in, and was one of the vampires who took blood from him, which made him Jean-Claude's responsibility, even if they weren't close in the way most humans understand the word.

Likewise, Anita still feels that her vampire murder investigation was what got Phillip killed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Phillip's soul was quick to leave his body after his death. Usually it takes three nights, including the night of the death, before a corpse can be raised as a zombie. Phillip was raised on a Tuesday before sunset, two days after Phillip was killed on a Sunday night. (Guilty Pleasures)
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