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"He called my beast like water pouring over my skin, then drained it away. He did it over and over, until I passed out."

Padma, also known as the Master of Beasts, is originally Indian and wears a turban. He is one of the weaker members of the Vampire Council, whose power is the ability to "call" all animals, not just a single species. Using this power, Padma can bend animals and shapeshifters to his will, and can also use the power as if it were a shapeshifter's "beast" - forcing his power into another, controlling their shapeshifting, and even killing them. He is a member of the only other surviving triumvirate in the novels, with Gideon and Captain Thomas Carswell.

Anita successfully demanded that Padma surrender his son, Fernando in return for Anita sparing Padma's life. Anita then gave Fernando to Sylvie, a woman he had raped in an attempt to capture the werewolves, to do as she wished. Sylvie killed Fernando and now keeps his bones in a box in her room.

In Bullet, it is revealed that Padma along with the rest of the Council have taken the power of Marmee Noir into themselves, opening a way for the Mother of Darkness to possess them all. Belle Morte and Padma, under the influence of Marmee Noir, try to call Anita's beasts and make her Belle's animal to call. They fail because of the help Anita receives from both her triumvirates and her animals to call. After Belle breaks free of Marmee Noir's influence Padma tries to stab her, but Belle uses the ardeur to overwhelm him after which she escapes.

It seems that Padma's hate for Anita, for killing his son, and the fact that he is one of the youngest of the Council have opened him to Marmee Noir's influence.

Padma is eventually hunted down by Anita with the help of Jake and she frees him from Marmee Noir's control. (Bullet)

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Powers & Abilities[]

  • Animal to Call. Padma is known as the Master of Beasts because he can call and control all animals and lycanthrope species.
  • Triumvirate. Padma has marked both a human servant and an animal servant and created a triumvirate. However, his human servant never displayed any supernatural abilities aside from those confirmed upon him by the vampire marks. This 'triumvirate' does not appear to be a true triumvirate of power like that of Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude.