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Orlando King was one of the country's most famous lycanthrope hunters. After surviving a savage lycanthrope attack he appeared to soften his stance regarding shapeshifters and began preaching tolerance; however, it was revealed that he had become a panwere, a lycanthrope that can take the form of multiple animals, intent on dominating all other lycanthropes.

Physical Description[]

Orlando was tall, dark-haired, with gray starting at the temples. Anita describes him as having a handsome face, in a manly man, Marlboro sort of way. He has many scars including claw scars on the side of his neck.


King was a famous bounty hunter and assassin suffering from multiple personality disorder (clinically called dissociative identity disorder). His dissociative identity disorder manifested in originally two distinct identities: his Orlando King persona and his darker assassin persona (later calling himself Chimera). After surviving a werewolf attack, King found that he had been infected with werewolf lycanthropy. King decided to kill as many shapeshifters as possible before the next full moon, assuming that if he took sufficiently dangerous missions, he would himself be killed before his first change. Ultimately, however, none of the shapeshifters he fought were able to kill him, and before his first change, King was infected with six different kinds of lycanthropy: werewolf, wereleopard, werelion, werebear, werehyena, and weresnake. King became a panwere, able to shift to any of the six animal forms with which he was infected, and developed 2 more distinct personalities, totaling in 4 identities. His unique form of lycanthropy allowed his identities to take physical form. His original dissociative identity, Chimera, used the new lycanthropy to assert greater control over King's body and to claim 4 of his 6 animal forms.  

Originally, Chimera wished to capture, break, and kill all the alpha lycanthropes' leading factions of animals and assume control of them. He controlled his followers by sheer terror, raping, hurting, and mutilating them freely, forcing them to stay in their animal shapes for longer than was safe (to the point that many of them couldn't fully return to their human forms afterwards), and destroying in one way or another their families and other loved ones. Micah's family escaped from being physically hurt since he pretended to hate them and forced himself to become completely estranged from them.

Chimera made his followers help him in gaining new areas and animal groups under his control, which is why Micah and his pard came to St. Louis to start with. Since Anita was acting as Nimir-Ra of the local wereleopards, Chimera wished to kill her like any other group leader. Later, both King and Chimera considered capturing Anita as his (their) mate when he (they) believed that she was in fact a werewolf/wereleopard panwere, but eventually settled for simply torturing and raping as many people as possible. Anita finally killed Chimera by draining his life energy.

Narcissus was pregnant with King's child at the end of Narcissus in Chains, but presumably lost it like most wereanimals do until weretiger clans spill their secret of successful breeding.

Multiple personalities[]

  • Orlando King - The original personality.
  • Chimera - King's secondary personality was the result of King disassociating himself from many of the killings for which he had felt ashamed during his life. Chimera had control of King's body at times, and also had complete control of King's lion, wolf, hyena, and leopard forms. As Chimera, he took over Micah Callahan's pard and ruled it brutally.
  • Coronus - Coronus of the Black Water Clan was King's personality in his were-anaconda form, and was a distinct personality. In this form, King was the leader of the Black Water clan, a South American tribe of Anacondas. These weresnakes were notable in that when they died, they did not revert to human form. The snake-man form was apparently the normal state.
  • Boone - King's other distinct personality. Interestingly, Boone could manifest not only a werebear form, but could also appear in human form as a person who did not resemble King at all. He was originally the leader of a sleuth of werebears, before King made Boone infect him and then killed him.


As a panwere, he was able to shapeshift into six different kinds of wereanimals: werewolf, wereleopard, werelion, werebear, werehyena, and weresnake. He possessed the typical lycanthrope powers, with some variations depending on the animal form he shapeshifted into.

  • Enhanced senses, even in human form, being able to smell the mood of nearby humans; what other abilities carry over to human form is uncertain.
  • Heightened hearing, agility and endurance; significantly stronger and faster then a normal human, being able to move with a scrambling, sliding grace.
    • Chimera could quickly and smoothly change from one form and back without needing to rest or collapse.
  • Chimera had the ability to invade the dreams of the lycanthropes he dominated. This ability was considered very rare among lycanthropes and vampires.
  • Chimera could force any weaker lycanthropes to forcibly shift and/or maintain their shifted state. This is what caused Micah's eyes to be permanently feline and Zeke to be stuck in his wolfman form until he dies.