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"My master is frightened of change, like many of the old ones. Making us legal is the most sweeping change we've ever been threatened with. He fears it. He wants it stopped."

Morte D'Amour, also known as the Lover of Death, is a member of the The Vampire Council. Although translated in the novels as "lover of death", his name more accurately translates to "death of love" or "death from love".


He sends Yvette as his envoy to the United States along with Warrick. It seems that he is afraid of the legalization of vampires, and when the Council delegation reaches St. Louis in Burnt Offerings, he orders Yvette to create a bloodbath and create an anti-vampire climate as Mr. Oliver had planned.

In Bullet, it is revealed that he, along with the rest of the Council, has taken the power of Marmee Noir into themselves, opening a way for the Mother of Darkness to possess them all. In order to possess Morte D'Amour, Marmee Noir promised him deaths, enough to feed his hunger for slaughter. When Anita is healing Noel, with the help of her two triumvirates, Morte D'Amour/Marmee Noir appears in spirit and tries to force the group into feeding on Noel. Jean-Claude turns the hunger into the ardeur, and Morte D'Amour disappears.

Believed dead, he appears again in Affliction, with even greater powers due to being possessed by Marmee Noir. With his new powers he tries to rise an armies of undead in the area Micah Callahan's parents lives. He is ultimately outmatched by Anita, and killed.

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Powers & Abilites[]

Morte D'Amour is an extemely powerful vampire, sourdre de sang and progenitor of his own bloodline. He could lend his power to Yvette, a non-master vampire and also dampen the powers of Warrick, who did not become a master vampire until he had left the vicinity of Morte D'Amour.

  • Immortality - Morte D'Amour is over a thousand years old and possesses the appearance of a beautiful young man.
  • Superhuman Strength - He possesses immense strength considering his age and status.
  • Superhuman Speed - He can move at teleportation-like speeds.
  • Heightened Senses - His senses are heightened to the point where he can hear whispers from some distance away, see in the dark, and tell a human's emotional state from their scent.
  • Accelerated Healing - Wounds from most objects, even bullets, heal in seconds without causing him any seeming discomfort.
  • Corruption - Morte D'Amour can cause "corruption" with his bite -- unless the victim is sufficiently powerful to resist, even a single bite can cause a victim to decay and die. This is a rare ability in his bloodline and few other vampires have it.
  • Feed on Death - As Belle Morte can feed from lust, Morte D'Amour can feed on the energy of every life he takes.
  • Rotting Vampire - As the progenitor of his bloodline, he has the ability to allow his body to rot into a decaying corpse or even fall apart without suffering damage. As a result, he is almost impossible to kill without fire (or, presumably, sunlight).

In Affliction Morte d'Amour shown some new abilities. It is unclear if he had some of those before being possessed by the Mother of Darkness

  • Animal to Call - He can call werehyenas
  • Nighthag - He has the ability to induce nightmares and feed on fear
  • Spirit Possession - He can transfer his being into the bodies of the vampire he sired or the zombies he raised
  • Mind Control - He shown the ability to mind control humans and werehyenas even through bite given while in a possessed vampire
  • Necromancer - He can rise zombies. Through his powers he can rise normal people as flesh-eater zombies (that normally requires being an animator in life), rotting zombies and can make even bodies outside graves rise as zombies