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Mephistopheles Devlin Devereux, a.k.a. Dev (short for Devil), is part of a group of weretigers that Jake brings to St. Louis for their protection during the events of Bullet. When Anita first meets Mephistopheles he thinks he's God's gift to women and men alike, and it's a first-ever blow to his ego that Anita doesn't share this view. Regardless, Mephistopheles becomes Anita's golden tiger to call. Overall he's easy to get along with.


Big, handsome man, a foot taller than Anita. Has blond hair and blue-hazel tiger eyes, and a golden cast to his skin like a pale, permanent tan. Hides painful emotions behind a joking surfer-dude charm.

History within the series[]


When Anita is first introduced to some of the yellow weretigers with the intent to sleep with one and bind them to her and Jean-Claude, Micah has narrowed down the possibilities to Mephistopheles and Pride, as well as Envy for Jean-Claude. Anita chooses Mephistopheles.

While Jean-Claude and Richard are having sex with Envy, Anita seduces Mephistopheles. During the foreplay, he finds the scar on Anita's back, which leads them to compare scars. He then tells Asher, who is also in the bed, that Jake has told the weretigers of what the church did to Asher, and asks to see the scars. Asher is embarrassed, but is encouraged by Nathaniel to let him see. Mephistopheles admits that Asher is the most beautiful man that he's ever seen, but Asher argues that the scars make him ugly. It is the most attention anyone has paid to Asher aside from the night that Richard dominated him and Jean-Claude had sex with him.

Kiss the Dead[]

We see Mephistopheles again in Kiss the Dead when he and Asher are fighting. It is understood that they have been together for a while and Asher is arguing over Mephistopheles' right to sleep with women. It is implied that they had an agreement that since Mephistopheles is bisexual, that he would not have to give up women, but Asher is upset about it.


In Affliction, Dev is one of the bodyguards chosen to go with Anita, Micah, and Nathaniel when they have to go out of town.

Dead Ice[]

By the time of the events of Dead Ice Dev has sworn off women to keep Asher happy, but Asher's other main lover Kane is pushing Dev out of the picture by arguing that there is nothing that Dev brings to his relationship with Asher that Asher doesn't get from his other lovers. That Asher doesn't disagree with this is another blow to Dev's ego, since he sees Asher as the love of his life.

When Dev, Anita and Micah all touch each other at the same time, their power flares. While Micah and Anita's leopards have rubbed against each other on metaphysical level since they met, when they both touch Dev the power flows through him, and ties them all into a pleasurable loop of power. They all smell like Anita's beasts, and when Dev and Micah try transforming while connected they both manage to shift into a new animal form that stays with them even after the connection is broken. Dev becomes a huge werelion, and Micah a black weretiger.

With this new power boost new doors open for Dev to consolidate his position within the power structure of St. Louis. He starts negotiating his way into Jean-Claude's bed (partly for power, but hurting Asher back is definitely a consideration), and becomes a serious candidate for the tiger that is being pushed to get included in Anita, Micah and Nathaniel's commitment ceremony in order to fulfill an ancient weretiger prophecy. At the end of Dead Ice Dev's closer inclusion in their poly group is going well, which might mean that he becomes that tiger, although it's still unclear whether Micah's own new tiger form would be enough.

Crimson Death[]

Dev accompanies Anita to Ireland as one of her lovers and bodyguards. Dev's full name is revealed as Mephistopheles Devlin Devereux, which is on his passport.[1]

Some of Dev's powers and training are revealed. When Anita is invited to meet the Fey, Dev helps Anita and Nathaniel see through Auntie Nim's powers.[2] When Dev later shows frustration that he's never what Anita needs, she tells him that his powers with the Fey were exactly what she needed at the time.[3]

At the end of the novel, Asher apologizes to Dev enough that Dev accepts him back as a lover, but Anita suspects Dev's doing it to torment Kane.[4]

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  • Dev chose the middle name "Devlin" for himself, which the gold weretigers could do for themselves at age 10.[1]


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