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"When you dance with the Devil, it might as well be a Devil who can give you your own corner of hell to rule."
—Meng Die about Anita[src]

Meng Die is short, delicate vampire described by Anita as resembling a "China doll".


Meng Die is a petite Chinese woman, less than 5' 3", and very delicate looking. She has a tiny waist and small, high breasts. She wears her shiny black hair straight and just to her shoulders. She is lovely, with porcelain skin and a triangular face. Her almond eyes tilt up at the corners. She likes to wear leather and vinyl outfits. Her speaking voice is a seductive alto.

Narcissus in Chains[]

Meng Die is powerful enough to become a master of a city in her own right, and aggressive enough that her former master was happy to "loan" her to Jean-Claude, thereby reducing the risk that she would try to seize her former master's territory for herself. Jean-Claude originally invites her to visit his territory in order to increase his strength and defend his territory against challengers. However, once Jean-Claude acquires other, less difficult master vampires, he begins to regret inviting Meng Die into his retinue, as her power, aggression and sexual jealousy of Anita make her one of the most difficult of his vampires to control.

Danse Macabre []

Meng Die particularly resents Anita because one of her lovers, Requiem has left her, in order to increase his chances of forming a relationship with Anita. She attempts to kill him with a silver knife and injures him in the process. Afterward, she is locked into a coffin bound with crosses and chains. She cracks the coffin with a power spike from Jean Claude and is finally released.


She takes part in the orgy provoked by Morte D'Amour and Marmee Noir and later helps Anita prepare for a banquet for the visiting weretigers. After the death of the Master of Atlanta, Meng Die ask Jean-Claude and Anita for the position. She also becomes more friendly to Anita because she helped up her power level.

Dead Ice[]

Meng Die is still around in this novel, so apparently she didn't get the position of the Master of Atlanta. By now the friendliness has also worn out, and she resents having to participate in some of the acts at the Circus of the Damned. She wants to return to San Francisco to her old master, but he has a healthy fear for his life when it comes to her, and doesn't want to risk getting back a second-in-command who really wants to be in charge. Jean-Claude has forbidden her from going anyway and taking the territory by force. They are still looking for a free territory for her, although it isn't explained why Atlanta wasn't it. It's possible that that the author forgot about that territory needing a new master, as the subject hasn't come up since Bullet. Regardless, in the meantime Meng Die amuses herself by picking fights, being a disparaging pain, and attempting to gain entry in Anita's bed, the last of which comes as a great surprise to Anita since the two of them pretty much hate each other. Meng Die doesn't see that as a problem for having sex.

Powers & Abilities[]

Originally turned by Jean-Claude himself, Meng Die is an extremely powerful master, and an accomplished fighter. Unlike many of the master vampires of Belle Morte's bloodline, Meng Die does not appear to possess any variant of the ardeur. Although she is sexually accomplished, she does not have any particular abilities related to love or lust.

  • Immortality
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Heightened Senses
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Psychic Abilities
    • Animal to Call - Like Jean-Claude, Meng Die can can call wolves and werewolves.


  • Sunlight
  • Silver
  • Fire
  • Wooden Stakes
  • Holy Water
  • Religious Iconography
  • Garlic