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Maximillian, also known as Max, is a vampire and the master of the city of Las Vegas. He is married to Ching Bibiana and has a son named Victor.


He is tall, but solid - huge biceps, deeply muscled shoulders, giving the impression that he is fat if one wasn't paying attention. He has a round face and prefers to dress in 1940's gangster chic.

Maximillian is a capable politician, both in vampire politics and in the human ones. He is very well connected in Las Vegas and is one of the major contributors of the pro-vampire lobby in DC.

He is also a considerate master, having started a Boy Scout troop for his tigers.


Maximillian was in life a mob enforcer, and later a "mob boss". After he became a vampire he lost his position as a "mob boss" until he recovered from the transition and gained enough power. He runs Vegas now, but is no longer a "boss".

He is one of the master's of a city that send a pomme de sang candidate to Anita in Danse Macabre. He also didn't mind when Anita sleeps with his tigers, but took offense to her issuing a mate-call. When it was believed that she might be pregnant with one of his tigers he invoked tiger law in a attempt to steal Anita from Jean-Claude, knowing that he had not given her the 4th mark. (Blood Noir) He visits St. Louis after the events of Blood Noir and returns to Las Vegas with Crispin.

In Skin Trade, he accepts Anita's request for help in finding Vittorio and later helps Anita escape Bibiana's manipulation plans, explaining that he "knows the rules". He is captured by Vittorio along with Bibiana and is tortured until Anita rescues them by killing Vittorio, which returns Max's control over his tigers.

In Bullet, he and Bibiana send a delegation of tigers to help Anita in her fight against Marmee Noir.

Powers & Abilities[]

Max is a master vampire and has the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire such as superhuman strength, speed, and healing. Other powers:

  • Animal to Call - Maximillian has the ability to call white tigers and weretigers.


Max is the owner of a number of businesses including:

  • New Taj - His casino and day-time resting place.
  • Trixie’s - A strip club

During the day his son, Victor, is responsible for running his affairs.