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Maximiliano was the only son of Dominga Salvador and a powerful vaudun priest in his own right. His father was Manny Rodriguez, but Dominga hid the fact and passed off Maximiliano as her second nephew. We met Maximiliano in Dead Ice as the main villain of the story. He hated being called Max, and presented himself as simply Sir to his underlings, like Dominga was called Señora.


Tall with short dark hair, hispanic. Wore on his left upper arm a gris-gris made of long hairs of his victims woven together into an armband.


Manny knew of Maximiliano and his pretend brother, Arturo, and had even met them, but remained unaware of the blood connection or that Dominga Salvador ever carried a child. Manny described Maximiliano as a polite boy, a good student and a gentleman, very different from the good-for-nothing Artie. When Dominga was still alive she planned to breed Anita with Maximiliano to combine their powers into the same bloodline, although Anita doesn't realize this until later into the novel.

Maximiliano, on his side, felt like an outsider in his ordinary pretend family. He got straight A's, excelled at track, and got a scholarship to college to study prelaw, while Artie kept failing in everything. Once Maximiliano figured out the truth after the death of Dominga he somehow got the impression that Manny had been fully aware of the situation and just wanted nothing to do with Max. He came to St. Louis and spied on Manny's happy family, all the while planning revenge on Manny for this perceived abandonment as a kid. Maximiliano was even jealous that Manny had trained Anita to raise the dead but not Maximiliano himself.

On the side of his revenge plans Maximiliano also wanted to make huge amounts of money from zombie porn and zombie sex slaves, just like Dominga. He killed and enslaved several women for this purpose, binding their souls to their bodies to keep them aware as only his mother had known how to do before him. His first victim was his ex-fiancée, Estrella, who made the fatal mistake of leaving him. He tied the souls to his own body through his gris-gris, with Estrella's hair making up the main band and the other zombie's hairs woven around it. The gris-gris also borrowed some immortality from the zombies and lent it to Maximiliano.

Later in the novel Max kidnapped Manny's children Tomas and Connie Rodriguez, planning to kill Tomas and to make Connie as one of the aware zombie slaves, but Anita and a SWAT team took him down moments before he could make true of his threats -- but not before he shot Tomas into leg. Max's gris-gris kept him from dying from three gaping wounds to his chest, and he was smugly confident that he'd be able to keep himself from being executed (his major in college was prelaw).

After Manny learned of the situation and the details about Max's gris-gris, someone (presumably Manny) sneaked in to Max's hospital room and introduced a male hair to the gris-gris, killing Max and freeing the souls of the zombies. As Anita chose not to inform Manny of his relationship to Max earlier when she first found about it, it's possible that Manny was still unaware of the fact ant that he was killing his own son.

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