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"I'd learned from a psychic and witch. Her talents ran to prophecy and empathy so finely tuned it was almost telepathy. She didn't raise the dead. She didn't truly understand my talent."
Anita Blake[src]

Marianne is about five feet seven or eight; she is thin and trim. Her age is uncertain, though Anita guesses she is over fifty by her speech, the fine lines around her eyes and mouth, and the grey and white streaks in her very pale blond hair. By the time of Incubus Dreams, Anita has increased her estimate to nearer sixty. She occasionally wears long flowing dresses, even in the woods, and doesn't ever catch her hems. She smells of Ivory soap and lilac. (Blue Moon)

  • She describes herself as a 'witch' or 'psychic' but says she is not Wiccan when Anita meets her. She can read auras by touching. (BM)
  • She makes gentle fun of everyone, but means nothing unkind by it. (BM)
  • She has an artificial valve in her heart, which she sometimes hears clicking when her mouth is open just right. (BM)
  • As vargamor, she cannot take sides in lukoi disputes, though she can explain and teach. (BM)
  • She sometimes feeds the pack to share power and heal. (BM)
  • She lives in a two story white farmhouse with yellow shutters, which she landscapes with pink and white flowers, a color scheme that carries into the house. She keeps chickens, a few dairy cows, a few horses, and keeps a large kitchen garden.
  • She allowed Anita to stay with her on weekends for 3 (BM) to 6 (OB) months in order to teach her to deal with the munin, the wolves, and the pard.
  • Marianne is eerily accurate with her tarot readings, and prefers to do her readings without really knowing the problem, lest she influence the person for whom she reads. (ID)
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