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The Maneaters Clan was a wereleopard group under the control of Chimera. After Chimera was killed the clan merged with Anita's Blood Drinker's Clan.

  • Group Name: Maneaters Clan
  • Current Leader: (Nimir-Raj) Micah Callahan
  • Former Leader: (Lion pessant) Merle
  • Group Structure: The clan group is known collectively as a pard.
  • Group Size: 6 members.
  • Alliances:
    • The clan has fused with the Blood Drinker's Clan.
    • The clan was one of the many small lycanthrope groups under Chimera's control.

Known members[]

  • Caleb - A young male. Afraid of Merle.
  • Gina - Submissive female.
  • Merle - Former clan leader. Gave up the position in favor of Micah because he couldn't protect the pard from Chimera. He became Micah's bodyguard.
  • Micah Callahan - Assumed leadership of the clan after Merle gave up the post when he couldn't protect the pard from Chimera.
  • Noah - Another of Micah's bodyguards.
  • Violet - A verry submisive female.