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"Magnus looked up, strange aquamarine eyes glimmering out through his shining hair. Maybe it was the hair, or the eyes, or his being nearly covered in the strange moving, not moving flowers, but he didn't look very human."
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Magnus Bouvier is the brother of Dorcas and co-owner of the Bloody Bones restaurant in novel Bloody Bones.


Beautiful, with waist length, chestnut colored hair and sea green eyes.


Like his sister Magnus is descended from a French fey named Llyn Bouvier, and the daughter of a shaman of the local tribe in what later became Branson, Missouri. Llyn had brought along from Europe a less intelligent fairy, whom he kept imprisoned in a magic box. He made a potion from its blood in order to ensure that he and his descendants would have fey powers, but the effects weren't permanent, and eventually the creature escaped. It killed almost half the tribe, and grew to full size. Llyn managed to imprison Rawhead and Bloody Bones again, but couldn't regain control over it, and afterwards abandoned making the potion and let his power fade. He did succeed in ensuring fey powers for his descendants, in addition to the abilities they inherited through his wife, but they were also cursed to always remain near their family land and to ensure that Rawhead and Bloody Bones remained restrained. We first hear of Magnus at the beginning of Bloody Bones, when Anita learns why a law firm wants her to raise a whole cemetery full of over 200 years old corpses. We don't learn it until much later in the book, but that cemetery happens to be a Bouvier family plot that is part of all the magic that binds the creature to its prison. Consequently the Bouviers and their own lawyers insist that the land belong to them, and absolutely refuse to sell. Unfortunately no one is at that point certain which bodies those are, as the location of the family plot has been lost in time, and there's no proof of ownership. The law firm wants to build an exclusive resort there, and only the dead can tell who they actually are.

Later we meet Magnus in person when Anita and Larry go to eat at the restaurant. Magnus serves them, and tries to seduce Anita while dodging her questions. He tries to influence Anita into not raising the zombies that Stirling wants but fails. When police comes to question him in regard to the killings of the three adolescents he runs away and Anita meets him later in Serephina's lair where he admits to being her "pet". Dorrie and Anita find him at the mound where Bloody Bones was imprisoned, and discover he has been drinking the fey's blood since adolescence to increase his own powers. He is present at Serephina's "party" and his master breaks the deal she had made with Bloody Bones, the fey stabs Magnus in the chest with a cold iron greatsword. Because Rawhead is tied to Magnus he is mortal and can be killed by Anita and Xavier. The next morning Serephina makes Magnus guard the vampires and not let Anita escape after they have relocated to the Bloody Bones restaurant. Magnus is ultimately killed when Ellie, animated and controlled by Anita like a zombie, burns to death in the sunlight while holding his waist.

Powers & Abilities[]

Because he was descended from fey, Magnus had preternatural speed and strength but much of his power, however, came from his secret feeding on the blood of Rawhead and Bloody Bones. His most notable powers were:

  • Glamour. Magnus glamour was very powerful, more so then his sister. He used it to make his customers seem more beautiful and to bedazzle the policemen that had come to question him, and then escape.
  • Immense Endurance. Because he had drank Rawhead and Bloody Bones's blood, Magnus was extremely hard to kill. He survived being stabbed by Bloody Bones with a greatsword and was healed within hours, although the sword had been cold iron.
  • Touch Clairvoyance. Although less powerful that his sister in far-seeing, Magnus was still able to discern that Anita had been on a crime scene just through a simple touch.