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Magda is a werelion who has served centuries as a member of the Harlequin. She is the lion to call of Giacomo, and while they are not lovers like many such pairs, they are both warriors who respect each other, and possibly even best friends, although she acts much more subservient in his presence than when he isn't around.


In Dead Ice we learn that Magda's height of 5'10" comes with very fit, lean body and good reach granted by long arms, which makes her an even more formidable opponent to another woman than her serious fighting skills would otherwise afford. She is very determined, combative, and not even remotely meek, although not overconfident, and cautious of any opponent no matter how seemingly weak. Her yellow hair is cut below her ears but doesn't reach her shoulders, and looks messy because it's wavy. Her eyes are blue-gray and Anita describes them as "changeable as sky". Magda's eyes seem to turn rain cloud gray when she's annoyed. When we first meet Magda she's wearing pastel blue satin pajamas that make her eyes look even bluer. She has high, full breasts that Anita approves of, and narrow hips that go together with very long legs.

In Crimson Death we learn that Magda follows Giacomo's lead in respectful gestures.

History within series[]

Dead Ice[]

Magda is introduced in Dead Ice as one of the Harlequin werelions who are now in St. Louis. She has been challenging Kelly for a position within the pride.

When Anita is injured and needs to heal, she agrees to Magda and Travis sleeping beside her.

Magda, Echo, and Fortune volunteer to join Anita's poly group. Anita kisses each of them to see if there's a spark. Before she kisses Magda, she asks why she's been challenging Kelly, and Magda says she was doing it to get Anita's attention. Since Anita asked her to sleep beside her, Magda now knows that Anita has noticed her, thus ending the problem within the pride. Magda joins their poly group and becomes one of Anita's lovers.

Crimson Death[]

In Crimson Death, Magda is one of the bodyguards who accompanies Anita to Ireland. She tests Nolan's special cage to hold preturnaturals, and destroys it.

Magda's legal name is revealed on her passport as Magda Sanderson. Due to her being very old, before last names were used, "Sanderson" is likely a name she adopted for legal purposes.

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With the release of Dead Ice, it seemed that a new male werelion and Magda might be "Thing One" and "Thing Two" from Hit List, and they had moved to St. Louis after the defeat of Marmee Noir. This was not confirmed in the novel. Additionally, Magda as she is now cannot have been "Thing Two" since Thing Two's master was likely killed by Anita when Marmee Noir possessed his body.[1] Both Magda and Giacomo seem to have very different personalities than Thing Two and Thing Two's master, with Giacomo being much more respectful with Magda and not stopping her from having sex with whomever she wants.

This direction seems to have been abandoned or retconned, and Magda and Giacomo are not the same unnamed female werelion and vampire master who were in Hit List.


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