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Louis Fane is about 5' 6", with black hair and eyes, and is known as "Louie" to his friends. His face is square and has a small build and a slender body. The muscles in his forearms are very pronounced.

A biology professor at Wash U, Louie is Richard's best friend, and has been dating Ronnie, Anita's best friend.


Louis is present at the meeting between Anita and Rafael in Guilty Pleasures. He is also the wererat leading Anita and Edward through the caves that lead to the Circus of the Damned, underground level.

Anita meets with Louis Fane in The Lunatic Cafe, and discuss a murder case. Anita also asks Louis whether he knows any wererats who would be willing to participate in an interview with Elvira Drew, and Louis offers to ask around. They also discuss whether Anita is emotionally capable of having a relationship with a werewolf, and Anita leaves.

On her way out, Anita is confronted by Gretchen, who threatens to kill her. Louis, in his ratman form, attacks Gretchen, but is outclassed and quickly beaten. Gretchen bites him and uses his body as a shield against Anita's gun, creating a stalemate. Ultimately, Anita resolves the conflict by telling Gretchen that she has become engaged to Richard. Although suffering from an apparent concussion, Anita is able to drag the unconscious and injured Louis to her car and drive a few blocks, in order to prevent police from identifying him as a wererat. She calls Richard for help. He and Stephen arrive and take Louis and Anita to see Lillian, a wererat doctor.

After agreeing to be interviewed by Elvira Drew for her book, he is taken by witches, and would have been skinned and killed to provide a shapeshifting amulet. He is rescued by Anita and the police, who do not reveal that he is a lycanthrope.

After dating her for awhile, he asked Ronnie to marry him, but she turned him down because she didn't feel ready to be married nor did she share Louie's desire to have kids. (Incubus Dreams)


  • Louis' doctoral thesis was titled "The Adaptation of the Little Brown Bat to Human Habitation".