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Ligeia was a master vampire of Belle Morte's line and a lover of Requiem. We first learn of Ligeia in Incubus Dreams, although she's described more fully in Danse Macabre.

Ligeia was the only female of Belle's line to have the ardeur, and although it wasn't the full ardeur that Belle, Jean-Claude and Anita possess, it contained the ability to rouse lust and love both. It's not mentioned which aspects of ardeur were missing from Ligeia's version of it.


At some point in time, when Requiem was part of Belle Morte's court, Ligeia and Requiem were sent to seduce both halves of an unnamed noble couple on Belle's behalf. It was a long errand, and while they fulfilled their duty they spent a considerable time together outside of Belle's influence, finally falling in love. This weaned Requiem of his addiction to Belle's ardeur, and when they returned to France Requiem refused to have sex with Belle anymore, now desiring only Ligeia. Belle was so enraged that she had Ligeia killed. Requiem says his heart died for the second time when Ligeia was taken from him, and after her he doesn't feel anything for a very long time, until Anita's ardeur awakens his heart again.


Requiem and Anita:

Requiem: "I think that your ardeur holds not just lust, Anita, but love, as Belle's ardeur did. As my Ligeia's ardeur did."

Anita:"I've been inside Belle's head. She wouldn't know real love if it bit her on the ass."

Requiem: "She knows the ardeur as a warrior knows his weapon. She knows the art of causing love and devotion, even addiction, in others, without suffering it herself."

Possible Inconsistency[]

The timeline of when Ligeia gained her ardeur is unclear. Requiem says he was with her from the beginning when it rose in her, and that she was nearly crazed with it for the first few months. If this happened before their joint mission, they had to have been lovers long before they actually fell in love. Moreover, despite being out of control she somehow managed not to entrap Requiem with her newly found powers. This makes it more likely (but not certain) that the power was gained during their long mission, and that she wasn't chosen for the mission because of her powers but simply as an available female of Belle's line (as none of the others had ardeur either). In this case gaining the power may have even delayed the completion of the mission further, and made Requiem falling in love with Ligeia inevitable.