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Jamison Clarke is an animator at Animators, Inc., who typically clashes with Anita over Anita's side job as vampire executioner. Unlike Anita, Jamison believes that vampires are essentially people, and disapproves of executing them without trial.


He is a tall and naturally slender African-American with long, tightly curling almost auburn red hair and pale green eyes. His skin color is compared to dark honey.


Guilty Pleasures[]

We hear about Jamison in the very first novel, when Anita visits Animators, Inc. and learns that he's currently using the rotating schedule office that Anita needs to get some of her files from. Jamison is consulting with a customer about her son joining the Church of Eternal Life. Anita disapproves with this, not finding Jamison qualified to advice on such matters, and tries to offer the customer an alternative source of information when she leaves with her son. The customer isn't very receptive to start with, however, and Jamison manages to explain away Anita's warnings and scars by saying the vampires were only defending themselves against a hunter.

Afterwards Jamison confronts Anita in their shared office and tells her to never undermine him in front of his clients again. Anita only agrees to do that as far as zombie raising goes. They descend into an argument, and Jamison accuses her of getting off on killing vampires. He's also surprised to learn that Anita is working on the vampire murders. Bert had originally tried to put Jamison on the job, but the vampires wouldn't have him. Anita thinks they want to keep him ignorant of the harsher realities. Jamison eventually appears to believe Anita's excuse that anything that kills vampires is a threat to humans, too.

When Phillip surprises Anita by waiting for her in the lobby, Jamison takes great pleasure in Anita's accidental introduction of Phillip as a "friend", and promises to share the story to all the other animators in turn. When they leave, Jamison walks them to the door and holds it to them, smirking all the time. Anita hates to leave him under the impression that she has a lover, but can't reveal the truth to him either.

The Laughing Corpse[]

Early in this novel Manny is thrilled that Anita calls him for backup instead of Jamison or Charles, who are younger.

Later, at Peter Burke's funeral, we meet Jamison in person. He was friends with Peter, and is emotional enough about his death and the possibility that his murder is left unsolved that he accidentally breaks 95-dollar sunglasses without even noticing. Jamison also introduces Peter's brother John to Anita. They both want her to find out whether the police is making any progress in figuring out who killed Peter. Anita thinks Jamison is a tease, a flirt, and a bleeding-heart liberal completely ignorant about what vampires really are, but can't bring herself to refuse when confronted with his genuine pain.

Circus of the Damned[]

In third novel we learn that Jamison, like Charles, can only raise two zombies in a night, but we don't see Jamison in person.

The Lunatic Cafe[]

We don't see Jamison in this novel, but he's mentioned a couple of times. At the very beginning of the novel Anita refers a missing person case to Ronnie, and argues that if she doesn't take it, Bert might try to put Jamison on the job. Ronnie considers Jamison useless at everything else than zombie raising, but Anita points out that he's always willing to expand on his repertoire.

Later in the book, when Elvira Drew smiles brightly to Anita, she wonders what kind of reaction Jamison or Manny might get from the woman. When Anita goes to complain to Bert about him scheduling Elvira Drew to her in the first place they also get into an argument about Anita's gun, which scares clients according to Bert. Anita tells him to send the squeamish ones to Jamison.

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