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Jamil is a werewolf and the sköll, or first enforcer, of the St. Louis pack. He is just shy of six feet, with rich brown skin and waist-length hair woven into corn rows. He is an alpha werewolf with enough power to keep Richard Zeeman out when Richard lets his power wash over the pack.

Jamil joined the pack before The Killing Dance, after he had been kicked from his last pack for being a troublemaker, and became a Sköll under Marcus. Tradition dictated that the new Ulfric kill the old sköll upon taking over the pack, but Richard let Jamil live and remain an enforcer to ease the transition. Jamil is thus very loyal to Richard.

Gwen commented that Jamil is homophobic, saying that he thought "every lesbian woman was a woman waiting for the right man".

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  • In Cerulean Sins Jamil is listed as hati (second enforcer) and Shang-Da is listed as sköll. This is likely a mistake instead of an actual change in their relative positions.