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Jacob "Jake" Pennyfeather is a werewolf and the wolf to call of one of the Harlequin. He is a skilled assassin and spy.


He is short with dark hair, medium complexion, and brown eyes. Jake is nondescript and has an average height. In Crimson Death we learn that the strain of lycanthropy he carries is ancient, which means that in animal form his wolf looks just like a natural wolf.

Personal history[]

In Bullet, we learn that Jake and his master have been hiding and protecting a small group of golden weretigers for the last two thousand years, until the tigers would be needed to help stop Marmee Noir. Jake and his master are considered family by the golden tigers and Jake is very attached to them.

History within series[]

Jake comes to St. Louis in The Harlequin, and gets a job as security at the Circus of the Damned. His purpose was to keep an eye on the rogue Harlequin. Jake helps Anita defeat them and before he leaves town, gives her a medallion to protect her from the Mother of All Darkness.

He returns to St. Louis in Bullet, with a small group of golden tigers, and asks Anita to offer them protection. He remains in St. Louis and works as security at the Circus, and also helps Anita hunt down Padma and free him from Marmee Noir's control.

In Crimson Death, Jake is one of the guards who accompanies Anita to Ireland.

His legal name is revealed on his passport as Jacob Pennyfeather. Due to being very old, before last names were used, "Pennyfeather" is likely a name he adopted for legal purposes.

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