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This page is about the werelion Jacob. For the werewolf Jacob introduced in Narcissus in Chains, see Jacob (werewolf). For the Harlequin werewolf Jacob introduced in The Harlequin, see Jake.

"I wish i'd turned down this job."

Jacob, also known as Jacob Leon, is a tall 6' werelion. He is the Rex of his own pride and they work as guns for hire and assassins.


His former pride destroyed itself when its Regina was in heat and demanded that only the strongest would be her mate. Since then he has forbidden his lions from relations with other lycanthropes, and the pride is constantly on the move.

Jacob first appears in Flirt, after he and his people have accepted a job from Tony Bennington to follow Anita Blake and her lovers and kidnap her so that she could raise Bennington's wife as a zombie. Jacob and his lieutenant Nicky, are attracted to Anita because she is a unmated lioness, which causes the two to lose control and start fighting for her. When Anita needs to feed the ardeur to recover the energy she lost after she was hit by Silas, Jacob accepts that she feed of Nicky. He later regrets his decision after Anita has completely rolled Nick, making him her slave.

After Anita raises Ilsa Bennington and he gets the second payment for the job, he lets Anita use the zombies she has raised to kill him so that they can avoid having to deal with him later. He then leaves the cemetery promising to take his people and leave town and never try to hear Anita and her people.

In Bullet, Jacob calls Anita and warns her that someone has put a large contract on her, Jean-Claude and Richard's head. He suspects that Anita has rolled his mind in some way, and initially avoids contacting her. Anita offers him the position of Rex of the St. Louis Pride, but because Jacob wishes to stay away from Anita she leave him alone on the condition that in case she need help she will call him.

Powers & Abilities[]

Jacob is a werelion. As such he is far more powerful than a human, and has most powers associated with lycanthropes, including enhanced speed, strength, agility and the ability rapidly heal from an injury. Because he is a alpha werelion he also possesses a hybrid form.


  • Jacob uses the fake name of Jacob Leon. The name Leon comes from the Latin "leo" meaning "lion"; the same translation applies in a Greek or Spanish context.