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Humans First is a splinter group of Humans Against Vampires (HAV).

"HAV has failed to discredit vampires through the media or the political machine. Humans First will settle for destroying them all." - Jeremy Ruebens, creator of Humans First (CoD, page 3)

  • Founded: Some members of the more placid Humans Against Vampires (HAV) became dissatisfied with the results of the groups. They banded together forming Humans First sometime before Circus of the Damned.
  • Agenda: To make vampires illegal so that they may be hunted without a court order of execution; they use more unorthodox methods than their sister group, HAV, including but not limited to riots and unsanctioned executions. They believe the end justifies the means and will stop at nothing to see all vampires destroyed.

Known Members: Vicki Pierce