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"I met his eyes last. They were pale and greyish green with lashes so gingery red they were almost invisible. The look in the eyes was the emptiest I'd ever seen in another human being. It was as if when he looked at me, he wasn't seeing me at all. It wasn't like he was blind. He saw something, but I wasn't sure what he saw. Not me. Not a woman. Something else. That one look was enough. I knew that this man walked in a circle of his own creation. Saw a version of reality that would send the rest of us screaming. But he functioned, and he didn't scream."
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Harley was the psychotic but loyal back-up for Edward, and appeared in The Killing Dance. Anita describes his looks as not that impressive; he was slender, around 6 ' tall, with curly brownish red hair and slouching while he walked. She also realizes that he sees the world in a totally different way, and only listens to people he can "see". After a metaphysical change in Anita, Harley no longer recognizes her (seeing "only monsters") when Edward becomes disabled and Harley begins to kill everything he can see, including Anita, who regrettably kills him first. It is his death that makes Anita owe Edward a favor (which he calls in in Obsidian Butterfly).

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