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"Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures Handbook" is an informational handbook that goes with the Guilty Pleasures comic books.

After its initial printing, the handbook was also included with the First Death collection.

Publisher's Blurb[]

Everything you ever wanted to know about Anita Blake! This is your chance to learn all about the Laurell K. Hamilton's famous vampire hunter in the first Anita Blake novel in the series, Guilty Pleasures. Meet all the creatures and characters who appeared in Guilty Pleasures and learn about their power, origins and place in the Anita Universe. This very first guide book into the world of Anita Blake is written in the tradition of the Marvel handbook and featuring the wonderful art of fan favorite Brett Booth.


Main (full-page) sections:

Shorter (half-page) sections:


  • Other Dramatic Personae
  • Glossary
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