"There was a large sign on the door. 'No crosses, crucifixes or other holy items allowed inside'."
Anita Blake[src]

Guilty Pleasures is a male strip club where the strippers are primarily preternaturals. In Guilty Pleasures, it is stated to be the world's only vampire strip club, but by Blood Noir there is at least one other in Las Vegas.

Design[edit | edit source]

The Guilty Pleasures sign on the outside is a "swirling neon the color of heart blood." The door is up three broad steps. When the club is open, the door is usually propped open with a bouncer there to check ID.

The entryway is where crosses and holy items are checked.

The inside consists of a stage, tables, and a bar. The tables are waited on by staff. The club does not usually take table reservations.

Guilty Pleasures has a website with profiles for the performers, using their stage names. The website lists "not just the usual stats for strippers but if they were vampires, or wereanimals, and what animals you could watch them shift into."[1] It states that "Brandon" (Nathaniel) is a wereleopard and that "Ripley" (Jason) is a werewolf.[2]

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the novel Guilty Pleasures, Monica Vespucci brings Catherine Maison and Anita Blake to Guilty Pleasures so that the vampires can force Anita into working on a case for them. Anita sees Phillip perform there.

In Incubus Dreams, long sequences of events happen in Guilty Pleasures, including taming of Primo[3] and appearance of Anthony Dietrich.[4]

In The Harlequin, the meeting about contact with the Harlequin takes place in Guilty Pleasures.[5]

By Blood Noir, some of Guilty Pleasures's acts have spin-offs performing in Las Vegas. The vampire stripper Lucian performs Jean-Claude's part.[6] When the news reports that Jason and Anita are allegedly eloping, the picture they use for Jason is from the Guilty Pleasures website.[7]

In Flirt, Tony Bennington recognizes Nathaniel and Jason from the Guilty Pleasures website.[2]

In Kiss the Dead, a suicide bomber holds Nathaniel and others hostage inside Guilty Pleasures in an attempt to lure in Anita and kill her.

Employees[edit | edit source]


Vampire performers:

Lycanthrope performers:

Human performers:


References[edit | edit source]

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