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"My legal name is Good Angel; maybe it gave me a complex?"

Good Angel "Angel" Devereux is a recurring weretiger character in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. She is part of the group of golden weretigers that Jake brings to St. Louis for their protection during the events of Bullet. She is Dev's twin sister.


Angel has the same general physical traits as the other golden weretigers: beautiful, tall, with tiger eyes, yellow blond hair, and a golden cast to her skin like a pale permanent tan. Eyes are tiger eyes, "blue with a circle of pale brown around the iris."[1] She is tall at 5' 11", four inches shorter than her twin brother.[2]

Angel's natural hair color is yellow blond, but she dyes it black.[1] In Crimson Death, she has "cut her hair so short it was almost shaved on the sides, where it still showed the black dye, but the roots growing in at the top of her hair were yellow blond."[2]


Angel seems to be high emotional upkeep, as commented by Echo. Even when Angel "was trying to be kind, she managed to be mean about someone else. She was as moody was Dev was easy to get along with," which is one of the reasons why Anita doesn't like her. Unlike her easy-going brother, Angel wouldn't have put up with someone like Asher.[1]

Angel is "cranky all the time" in part because she was called back to the clan after establishing a life for herself outside of it.[3] It's indicated that her outlook might be changing in Crimson Death when she says she's intrigued by Jean-Claude.



Angel is first mentioned in Bullet. She is one of the weretigers who has come with Jake to St. Louis for their protection. Dev tells Anita his twin sister's name and that she said, "I'm the Angel, and you're the devil," which is how Dev got his nickname.[4]


Angel is mentioned again in Affliction. Dev tells Deputy Albert Truman that his name is Devil, and that his twin sister's name is Angel. Truman doesn't believe him, but Nicky confirms it.[5]

Dead Ice[]

Angel appears for the first time in Dead Ice. She arrives with Micah, Dev, and the other golden weretigers at the soiree to help Anita decide on which weretiger to marry to fulfill a prophecy. Echo and Anita joke about Anita having them all, and Echo indicates that Angel and Thorn are high emotional upkeep.[1]

When Anita and Dev discuss Dev's troubled relationship with Asher, Angel tells him that he's "so much handsomer than that werehyena," referring to Asher's other lover Kane. Anita and Angel get into an argument because Anita doesn't care for Angel talking about Kane that way, and Angel wonders why she and Dev would defend Kane.[1]

When Anita, Dev, and Micah all touch each other, power comes to them, and Angel comments that Anita smells like all the weretigers at once. She asks what would happen if they touched them, but Anita and Micah tell them not to. Angel doesn't touch them, but Thorn starts to touch them and Angel tells him to touch them both. Thorn does so, and it leads to a fight with Dev. [1]

Crimson Death[]

When Damian needs to take off work because of his illness, he tells Anita that he'll "talk to Angel about working around [him] in the dances," and says that she's a great assistant manager, but they need another dancer "to take the dance floor for [them] sometimes so [they] can manager things."[6]

Dev says that Angel went to the same college as Pride's first crush, and indicates that she and Angel have been together and Angel might "bring her home to visit." She and Angel have kept in touch after college and are both bisexual, and have been dating for most of the time that Angel was out on her own. They had an apartment together with some others while Angel tried to "make it in the big city." Angel was "pissed that she got called to the bosom of her family after establishing a successful life outside the clan." [3]

When Jean-Claude and Richard begin to fight, Dev contacts Angel, who comes to Jean-Claude's bedroom to help smooth things over between them. Dev says that the two men "need someone to help them bridge their issues, and everyone else who could help is here in Ireland," which is why he contacted his sister. Angel has never had sex with either Jean-Claude or Richard, but she seems comfortable arriving to help. The fact that she and Dev are so open with each other about sex creeps out some of the others. Dev and Angel reveal that they used to go clubbing and pick up people together and sometimes have threesomes. Angel offers to provide blood and feed the ardeur, in part to help Anita continue her investigation so she doesn't have to feed it herself just yet.[2]

At one point, Dev and Angel talk at the same time almost word for word, one in Ireland and one in St. Louis, suggesting a metaphysical connection between the two.[2] A metaphysical connection between twins/triplets comes into play later in the novel when Anita simultaneously rolls triplets while targetting just one of them.


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